Is Workplace Liability A Requirement In Arizona?

by Sudarsan

An employer in Arizona is liable for any injuries that its employees may sustain when on the job. It is an essential piece of information to remember when dealing with a worker’s compensation claim.

Understanding this liability can help you find out if your injury was caused by negligence on the part of your employer. If it was, you could be entitled to the benefits listed within the worker’s compensation policy.

Let’s take a moment to explain why workplace liability is so important.

What is workplace liability?

Workplace liability refers to the interests that an employer has regarding its employees. These interests include paying for injuries or damages that may occur due to negligence on their part. The way the law works, employers are held responsible for any injuries to their employees.

What does this mean?

If someone is hurt at work because of an accident caused by your employer’s negligence, they are liable to cover all medical expenses and lost wages. It could become extremely complicated if other factors were involved in the accident.

For instance, if someone were injured at work because of a defective product your employer-supplied, they would be held responsible for the injury and the costs associated with fixing or replacing that defective product. It is why it’s important to understand workplace liability and what it means for you as an employee.

If you were injured on the job, you have a legal right to seek damages from your employer. It means that they are required by law to cover all of the costs related to your injury – not just those related to your medical care – and provide you with benefits such as disability payments and lost wages.

What about other factors?

There may be other factors involved in the accident which caused your injury. For instance, if you were injured at work because of third-party negligence, you would have to seek compensation from that person or business. To get their attention and prove fault against them, you may have to file a personal injury claim outside of worker’s compensation court or engage a Peoria personal injury attorney.

Why is workplace liability so important?

Workplace liability is vital to understand because it helps you find out if the accident which caused your injury was, in fact, your employer’s fault.
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If it wasn’t their fault, then you would have no claim against them and would only be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits.
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If, however, they were negligent in some way, then you could file a third-party claim or personal injury case against them to cover medical costs and lost wages. It is why it’s so important to understand workplace liability and how it can affect your claim process.


Workplace liability is an essential piece of information to consider when filing a worker’s compensation claim. If you were injured on the job because your employer was negligent somehow, you are entitled to compensation for all medical expenses and lost wages. However, if they weren’t negligent, you can only receive worker’s compensation benefits.

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