Ultimate Guide for Making Your Own Pennywise/IT Costumes

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

IT was among the anticipated and popular horror movies in 2017 and probably the most grossing film of the century. Basically, set in the summer, the movie focuses on telling the story of a malevolent shapeshifting creature taking a pennywise appearance – a clown that starts eating and terrorizing kids.

Pennywise continues to be a common Halloween costume with the movie’s sequel, IT. While buying pennywise costumes is a great option, especially for those who don’t know how to make one, it is an expensive affair. This is why some people prefer making their costumes through the following guidelines:

Materials You Will Need

  • Red Paint
  • Sewing thread
  • Mug of flour
  • Black paint
  • Old newspaper
  • Strong glue
  • Two skeleton hands and arms
  • Clown outfit
  • Grey paint
  • Clown mask

Add a Base Coat

Put on your wig so as to avoid applying face paint to unnecessary parts. Using cotton swabs, you can apply liquid latex to the edge of your wig to make sure it blends your forehead seamlessly.

As you wait for the liquid latex to dry, apply white face paint to your whole face thickly using a big brush before you cover the cap seam.

Apply Makeup

The most integral part of pennywise uniforms, like avengers Thanos costume, is applying makeup. The easiest way to get the IT face without necessarily worrying a lot is to purchase pre-packaged evil clown makeup kits that many costumes or Halloween stores sell. The best kits will include makeup to change yourself, a nose, and horrifying teeth.

To even save cash and go simpler, you can recreate updated pennywise looks with some red lipstick and white clown makeup. You may find a clown white makeup going for as low as $3.50 online, but the lipstick can be lower than that amount.

Color and Style the Hair

Rather than using a brush, use your hands to shape the hair. This way, you can apply hair gel to your hands so that you may mold and slick the hair in place.

This will also ensure that you shape the hair properly so that you color it. When coloring your wig, spray it entirely from the roots to the end.

Make a Clown Collar

It will literally cost you around $3 or below to make ruffles. For you to make a coffee filter clown collar, ensure you build a ring by cutting the center of a paper plate.
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Remember to cut an opening on that ring to wear it as your costume easily. Lastly, fold the paper coffee filters in half so as to glue them to come up with ruffles.

Concluding Remarks!

During Halloween, people flock to both local and large stores to find a perfect costume. As far as spooky looks are concerned, at a glance, wearing costumes seems standard. According to the National Retail Federation, princesses are the most popular costumes among kids worldwide, with around 3.2 million children planning to dress like their favorite princess.

For older crowds, around 5 million adults plan to wear costumes like witches, 1.9 million as a superhero, and 2.
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1 as a vampire. However, many costume sellers complain of not selling their products as they used to.
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Probably the reason is that people prefer making their own costumes these days.

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