Useful Self-Care Tips During Quarantin

by Doug Brown

Practicing self-care has various physical benefits, including improved immunity and fitness. Regular self-care makes you less susceptible to mental health issues like anxiety, depression, stress, and mood disorder. Scheduling time to take care of yourself helps remind you and others that your needs and happiness are essential. When your body is well-cared for, you should expect feelings of relaxation and calmness. In turn, self-care increases positive thinking and improves self-esteem.

 Self-Care Tips During Quarantine 

Here are a few self-care tips that can make a significant change in your health:

  • Yoga

Yoga is an excellent form of personal care. Practicing yoga restores self-trust and the feeling of being alive while dispelling fears and anxiety. The daily practice of yoga helps to manifest a sense of happiness that gradually improves your health and well-being. Like yoga, meditation helps you exhale anxiety and self-judgment as you inhale love, peace, and hope.

  • Take a Deep Breathe

When feeling stressed, deep breathing is a practical tip to consider since it allows your body to relax and maintain calmness. Practice deep breathing by laying on your back and placing your right hand on your chest and the left on your belly. Take deep breaths and take note of the movement of your hands as your breath. Focus on your belly as you breathe to ensure that the one on your chest stays still while the hand moves. Gradually, create rhythmic and calm breathing rather than forced or hurried ones.

  • Go for Nature Walk

Step outside and connect with nature by taking a nature walk or a nature bath that boosts your endorphins for better moods. While outdoors, ensure that you soak inadequate sunshine for its vitamin D for healthy bones. Research indicates that vitamin D from the sun plays a crucial role in regulating mood and suppressing depression. Being outdoors also reduces your utility bills since, on a hot day, you’re A/C doesn’t need to be on when you’re not home.

  • Engage in Social Activities

As an outdoor activity, volunteering and helping those in need boosts happiness to you and those you’ve helped. If you cannot connect with your loved ones physically due to social distancing requirements, ward off your isolation by face timing or skyping them to keep the relationship going. Remember to frequently check on those that might be alone during this pandemic and spread the care.

  • Have a Good Sleeping Habit

Getting proper sleep lowers your risk for chronic health problems like heart disease since the body repairs crucial tissues and cells when at rest. Adequate sleep improves your moods and reduces stress, hence better relationships with others. If you’ve suffered from years of poor sleep, use this quarantine time to reset your sleeping pattern. Ensure that your bedroom is a relaxing space, which means no cell phones, TV, or laptop during bedtime.

Before bed, take a warm bath and read a book if your goal is falling asleep fast. If you find your bedroom to be too cold or too hot, making it difficult for you to fall asleep, it is recommended to insulate your home. With insulation, you will rely less on ACs or heaters to adjust the temperatures that are sleep conducive, the cooler temperatures will lessen the tossing and turning an help lower your  Oncor Energy bills

  • Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Save enough space for fruits and vegetables on your plate for improving your health and well-being. Ensure that you feed your body the nutrients it needs to function appropriately: healthy fats, minerals, quality proteins, and vitamins. The more colorful your plate is, the better since your body receives all the essential nutrients to boost your immunity.

  • Exercise

Take time to perform physical exercises such as jogging to support and boost your immune system for better physical health. Exercise is a useful tool to manage stress and anxiety and keep you engaged during the quarantine. You don’t have to go to the gym for fitness since you can find various workouts and tips online.

  • Practice Your New Hobby

Quarantine leaves you with a lot of time to perfect a new hobby. If you love cooking, look for recipes online and practice them in your kitchen. You might be surprised how good a cook you are, among other hidden talents.

Quarantine has put a strain on many of our mental health so it is imperative that you focus on yourself during this time and adopt healthy mental health and self care practices.

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