Waist Trainers – A Worthy Weight Loss Means for Plus-size Women

by Doug Brown
A Worthy Weight Loss Means for Plus-size Women

Any lovely woman out there can have an hourglass waist and curves. No matter what type of body size and shape you currently have, you can also crack it. In fact, quality plus-size waist trainers have helped countless women achieve those curves in a flash. Definitely, for the best results, you need to incorporate waist training with it. 

While shopping for a suitable workout waist trainer, you will find many options available, both in-store and online. Plus, here’s a quick overview of the factors you need to consider. 


Getting an ideal size is a factor that you must have always considered while buying anything. The same is applicable in case of purchasing a waist trainer for weight loss. It ensures that the corset or cincher flatters your body suitably while keeping you comfortable all day long. Basically, the process initiates with measurements. 

  • Take a fabric or vinyl measuring tape. Keep its level with the ground, and measure down the narrowest part of your waist. This can generally be a couple of inches above the belly button area. In case you are not that sure, then it is recommended to bend the torso to one side. The area where you will find a bend is your actual waist. Make sure to pull the measuring tape firmly. 
  • Once you are done with measuring the size in inches, go through the size chart. Remember, if you fit well in an XL outfit, that simply is not going to be the same for plus size waist trainers. The sizes vary according to the brand, quality, and compression level. So, assure yourself to determine everything carefully. 
  • A pro tip to keep in mind is that the size should be 3-5 inches down than the actual waist size. Or else, your full body waist trainer is going to be large.
  • When in doubt, take help from the size charts or online assistants to buy the best fit. If the fit is too compact, you are definitely going to be uncomfortable, more than you can imagine. Also, the chances will be that you won’t see any difference later on. 


There are several options when it comes to choosing the right material for your training corset. You also need to know that most of the weight loss waist trainers are cinchers crafted with spandex material and have a 4-steel boning structure, or corsets that are tripel layered and come with 4 reinforced panels. 

Both these types are sufficient for plus-size women and work best according to varied preferences. They give you the most dramatic curves and are found to be more functional and durable. Ultimately, they are built to last, have a firm custom fit, and never lose their compression potential. So, enjoy the versatility! 


Being a plus-size woman, quality is another factor that may have in your priority list. An ideal workout waist trainer will always come in high quality. Whereas, the cheap quality options are not going to help you at all. Either they won’t fit you well or won’t last at all. Go with brands that offer multiple ranges of plus sizes, have good user reviews, have features like three-row hooks, classic style, medical-grade compression, boning structure, and are made with 4-way stretch fabric. One more element supported by minimal waist trainers is that they are comfortable to wear all day long. So, if you find one that has all the features mentioned above, then you are good to go. 

Despite this, what else needs your attention is your efforts to put into your daily regimen of waist training. If you have never tried or experienced working out with a plus-size waist trainer, you need to gradually equip yourself as the body will adjust over time. A standard thumb rule as a beginner you can follow is to wear it for an hour or two at the initial stages. Once you have equipped yourself with its compression levels, you can extend the time to 4 hours or more. Taking a break from the full-body waist trainers is typically okay once in a week. 

Being a plus-size woman is a significant and confident aspect that you should embrace. Knowing waist trainers are a perfect way to look confident and curvy at the same time, then why not give it a try.

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