What Is the Importance of Vitamin D?

by Sudarsan
what is the importance of vitamin d

The more sun you get, the more vitamin D your skin absorbs. You can get too much of a good thing. You don’t want to remain outside until you get sunburned but staying out long enough to soak up some sun is good for you.

Unfortunately, between jobs and other duties, many people don’t get enough sunshine. About 41% of all adults have a vitamin D deficiency.

So, what is the importance of Vitamin D and why does a deficiency matter? Keep reading to learn more about how the sunshine vitamin helps your body function and why you should spend more time in the great outdoors.

Strong Bones

According to milk commercials, calcium is what helps build strong bones. It can’t do that without getting a little bit of assistance from vitamin D, though.

Why vitamin D you ask? Your body can’t absorb or store calcium on its own. It gets rid of it unless vitamin D is there to help your intestines take it in and make use of it.

So, without vitamin D, your bones will soften. Children with a deficiency can even become bowlegged. For adults, it can cause osteoporosis.

Strong Muscles

As you get older, it becomes important for you to take Vitamin D Supplements From Vitabiotics. A deficiency can cause your muscles to become weaker.

For the elderly, this can end in a devastating fall that will send you to the hospital or worse.

Helps Fight Off Disease

During the flu season, people take a large amount of vitamin C. This isn’t the only vitamin you need to keep viruses away. Vitamin D can support your immune system and fight off any nasty bacteria that tries to make its way into your body.

Vitamin D can also cut down on inflammation, which makes it a great solution to upper respiratory infections and many other diseases.
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Healthy Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you should be getting vitamin D to help ensure that you deliver a healthy bundle of joy. Having plenty of it in your system will lessen your chances of giving preterm birth. It’s also less likely that your child will end up with some kind of food allergy.

Improved Mood

Have you been feeling depressed lately? It might be because of the stressors in your life or you could have a vitamin D deficiency.
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There is a slight correlation between vitamin D and depression.

So, taking a supplement might be able to improve your mood. Even if it doesn’t keep the depression away, it can assist with the fatigue that comes hand and hand with it and increase your energy levels.

What is the Importance of Vitamin D in Your Life?

What is the importance of vitamin D? It can fight against diseases, lift your mood, and help you deliver a healthy baby. Being deficient can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis and muscle weakness in adults.

Talk to your doctor today to find out if you should be taking a supplement or try to schedule a little bit more sunshine in your life.

Vitamin D isn’t the only thing your body needs to stay well. Check out the health section of our blog daily for more ways to keep diseases away.

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