Why a good website matters

by Sudarsan

Business is very competitive today, and for you to flourish, you must have a website. The website presents your business to an unlimited number of customers both locally and internationally. Unlike brick and mortar business which is constrained to work hours, a website allows you to sell and interact with your customers on a 24hr basis, seven days a week.

However, the design of your website will determine the customers you attract. Not every website will be attractive to the customers. You have to ensure that the design allows for easy navigation and can convert leads to customers.

Find below reasons why a web design matters

Design sells

First impressions have a lasting impact. That’s so true with a web design– it’s the customers’ entry point to your business, and therefore, how good or how ugly your design looks will give them an impression. Ever wondered why companies invest in expensive sites and no traffic. When designing a website, you must have the customer in mind. What will attract them to check out your offerings? How easy is it to navigate and make a decision? The easier it is for the online visitor to browse through your website, the better and the more referrals you get.

The product design

 What makes your brand outstanding is the product design. You, therefore, need a compelling product design for you to sell effectively. Product design is about how you present the benefits and features of your product before the customer. Thus if you’ve got a great design, that will give you an edge over your competition. Any twist in your product design with either drop or boost your product’s sale. For instance, the sale of desktops has declined over the years. More people prefer laptops- a simple change in the product design made all the difference.

Great design makes your brand memorable.

A good design is no longer optional today but a critical aspect of brand building. Some techniques like a unique layout, a lively color, or a refreshing concept are elements that will trigger a memory in your audience’s mind making your brand memorable. A great design will also create some consistent visual language and a connection to your offerings.

Great design makes your content user-friendly.

A good design goes beyond the attractive aesthetics; it drives conversions. Before the site visitor reads your content, the design has already communicated to them. It guides the user on where their eyes should go first, highlighting the crucial information where the visitor needs to spend more time. Careful use of typography and varied font sizes reinforces the message in context with captivating color and imagery. Thus, design simplifies complex information by translating it into an easier-to-understand format.

Great mobile experience

Having a great web design is not about site attractiveness alone; it includes the ease with which visitors navigate the pages. In today’s world, millions of online visitors use their mobile phones. That means your website must be mobile responsive. Check out for web design news for a web design professional will optimize it for mobile gadgets. That will present your offerings to as many prospects as possible.

When developing your website, make sure the web developer has the experience and skills to deliver a great design that is mobile-friendly and one that will easily convert visitors to customers.

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