Why is digital live TV so important?

by Sudarsan

With the rise in popular streaming services that seem to be dominating our screens, nowadays live TV viewing is dramatically declining. The evolution of TV has been so impactful over the years and can be considered as the main source of entertainment for many from all different backgrounds, ages, and genders. However, streaming platforms have provided viewers with endless amounts of watching options at the simple click of a button whenever suits them, and this is the reason we see such a considerable decrease in live TV viewings. Realistically, what’s not to love about this? With a simple monthly subscription, viewers are not restricted to watching their favourite shows and movies at specific times and are presented with the flexibility of watching what they want around their work life and personal life schedule. However, with this being said, live TV does not need to be eradicated completely and although streaming services are very much favoured within today’s society, we are here to demonstrate that many important aspects of digital live TV can still be highlighted.  

Allows for extra communication and group interaction  

One of the main downfalls of TV evolution is the belief that it makes individuals less sociable. This can be argued to a certain extent and we do somewhat agree with this however, this more or less applies to individuals sitting in their room alone, binge-watching series day after day with no end in sight, and yes, that is very much unsociable. With live TV that is not likely to be the case. With the large selection and variety presented on live TV, there is less chance of binge-watching on live TV than there is on streaming services. Live TV presents us with our favourite seasonal shows that can be classed as entertainment for the whole family, ultimately increasing family time as everyone views together. Think of the start of the Christmas period within the UK when our favourite duo Ant and Dec appear on our screens as we get ready for 3 weeks of jungle madness and chaos with some of our favourite stars. This programme can be enjoyed by the full family and gives everyone a reason to sit with each other at 9 o’clock each night to catch up, bond, and chat over some exceptionally hilarious entertainment. As long as you have a quality TV aerial, then you are all set to go! Click here for any aerial installation requirements.  

Advertising purposes  

Although the majority of businesses and brands have ventured into the world of digital marketing and marketing through different social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, many still do prefer to successfully market through digital live TV as it is likely to dramatically expand their consumer base. If a company understands that it can efficiently reach its target market and future consumers through live TV, then it is apparent that it will continue to do so. Believe it or not, especially with the rise in social media, TV remains the world’s most effective advertisement method, and not only does this positively affect businesses, however, it also affects us as viewers. Think about how many times we have used TV marketing to our advantage when finding out about a new product or service and buying it or even just acknowledging it, without these advertisements that would not be possible. As streaming services offer little to no advertisement due to monthly subscription costs eliminating the need for them, we know that we can always rely on TV as a business and as a consumer.  

Kept up to date on news  

We understand the reason for conversion to streaming services using your laptop if the shows and movies broadcast on digital live TV are not up to your standard however, where is your alternative for news channels? Streaming services do not offer live local and worldwide news and this is extremely important for day-to-day living. Even if you are a young individual the news still does apply to you, and although you may not find it the most interesting to watch, it can increase your knowledge and educate you on surrounding matters which is highly beneficial. Consider the full Coronavirus pandemic, we have had most of our information provided to us through live news updates, conferences, and announcements displayed on BBC news channels. Sure, there is always the option to find this information on internet sources however, it may not be as in-depth as it was on TV and alongside this, it is likely to be delayed information resorting to the web after it has been broadcast on digital live TV to the public viewers. News channels are also particularly important to those of the older generation as well as those who do not have access to internet services, making them still extremely relevant within today’s society. 

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