Why online streaming platforms become so much popular

by Sudarsan

We all know that cable costs of $100 in a month in favour of online streaming video services like Netflix cost are around or less $10 in a month.

We all know that people are shifting to mobile platforms. Research study shows that in 2016, 6.1 exabytes data are consumed on mobile platforms which are expected to 20.6 exabytes in 2020.

Many around 80% of the people are expected to switch online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, couch tuner, etc. 

Many people are choosing to cut and try to explore the alternatives of the cable which means that there are truly exciting horizons ahead of the savvy media producers to be explored.

How streaming is becoming so popular in a short period, the crucial aspects of trending is that it has to react to many certain problems that consumers are dealing with it. The fact that the consumers feel the need for personalizing the content they want to consume. It also creates a feeling of exclusiveness and eliminates in patience.

Streaming provides content in which the user is interested in whenever whatever and wherever they want to be. Habits have been changed drastically in the last years. Nowadays more people are consuming more content on several devices in the easiest way.

The younger audience the more devices they will use to consume more content. Content nowadays is completely integrated into daily lives mainly social media. The years will only increase more like Tesla cars have been accessing to streaming the content when self-driving cars will be occupying the roads.

The five reasons for video streaming are gaining in the market are: –

1. It is convenient

This creates the ability to watch the programs while riding a train, sitting at a bus stop, on a break at work, etc.

2. It is scalable

Many services allow the consumers to choose the features and functions they want to pay it for. Consumers can effectively pay for the content they want to watch for programs and services and also, they don’t want or need to pay for they don’t want.

3. It is personalized

Video streaming apps and services make recommendations based on viewing profiles. This creates a customized buffet of the recommended content that is targeted on the consumer’s interests.

4. It is a demographic Shift

Millennials and Generation Xers are the leading way that it comes to the move toward the alternatives to cable TV, etc.

5. It is an unaffordable budget

The bottom line is that the bottom while convenience, scalability, customization that they are major drivers in the shift. It towards the alternatives of the cable TV, budget consumers that they are choosing the cord of saving the money.

The shift towards the streaming video, live programming challenges, opportunities for the video production industry. Those who are willing to adapt by adjusting the changes and riding the trend. It will strengthen their position within the existing markets, established their reach far beyond the present capabilities in it.

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