4 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Window Plantation Shutters

by Sudarsan

Purchasing a window shutter can be pretty confusing, especially when there are so many things to consider. After all, they are a significant investment that not just increases your house’s overall looks but also banks on functionality. They play an outstanding role in increasing your house’s value while making it energy efficient. With so many things to take care of, buyers require a guide while buying plantation shutters.

Here in this article, there are the top four factors to consider when buying one for your home. Read on to know.

1. Choosing the Product Material

Manufacturers use different types of materials to create these window shutters. Of them, the top three most popular and most purchased shutter materials include:

  • PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) window shutters are the most economical ones. Durability is not a factor when you buy these because they have an aluminium core. The PVC ones are the best if you are looking for a window dressing that will be easy to handle and maintain.
  • Timber: These shutters look elegant and are versatile for their looks. They fit in with all types of interior designs. Besides that, they are also quite affordable. You can consider buying a timber shutter if you are in search of a practical and low-maintenance option.
  • Aluminium: Buyers looking for a robust, secure, and excellent insulating window shutter should buy aluminium ones. They are convenient to install because of having a lesser weight than the steel ones. Moreover, they can survive all weather conditions without losing their charm. These window shutters are slightly costlier, but the cost is worth the benefits.

2. Deciding the Right Frame Style

It is essential for buyers to select the most appropriate frame style for their windows. An improper fit might lead to inconvenience and lack of functionality. Therefore, it is crucial to decide whether your plantation shutters will be mounted inside or outside the window frame.

Buyers must understand that the mounting will have an influence on different things like the tilting angle, the light control, insulation levels, etc. Connect with a professional design consultant to know what’s suitable for your windows.

3. Choosing Tilt Control Options

Since functionality is an essential aspect of window shutters, buyers need to decide what tilt control options are most suitable for their homes. There are different options from the visible standard centre rod tilt, split tilt, to invisible tilt control. Choosing the right tilt option depends on where you are going to install the window shutter.

For example, the split tilt option is perfect for washroom or dining room windows. Besides these, some companies also provide motorised tilting options. Although they might cost some extra bucks, the convenience will be worth it.

4. Deciding the Right Color

When you buy a window shutter with a complementing colour, your home looks fresh and classy. Most manufacturers provide some unique colour and texture options. Choose the one that accentuates your interior decoration and design language.

Wrapping Up

Buying plantation shutters can be slightly challenging for people who are first-time buyers. There are different options that can puzzle your buying choice. However, if you are determined with your budget and main priorities, buying one won’t be that tough.

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