4 Ways to be Responsible with Your Drains and Prevent a Blockage

by Sudarsan

Have you ever had a blocked drain before? If the answer is yes, you are going to know how much of a hassle it can be. If the answer is no then you do not want to find out anytime soon.
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The good news is that there are so many things you can do to prevent a drain blockage from happening in the first place. From purchasing a sink strainer to throwing food waste into the bin, here are four easy ways you can be a responsible homeowner and prevent your drains from becoming blocked.

Purchase Sink Strainers

The first thing you should do is make a small investment in your drains. We are talking about buying sink strainers. You can purchase these cheaply online and they simply sit over a drain. They allow water to flow through easily and they capture any other items that should not be going down there. They can be made of metal or plastic and they do not have to be anything fancy. But, sink strainers will do a great job when it comes to preventing blockages.

One of the main reasons why homeowners experience drain blockages is because leftover food is getting stuck in the pipes. This can happen over a long period of time or happen soon after, depending on what is going down the drain. If you do have a blockage, it is best to call in experts such as https://fsdrainage.com/. But, if you want to stop this from happening altogether, use a sink strainer to capture all of these food items that will cause you the issue. Then, you can simply remove it from the drain and clean the food into the bin.

There are also similar items you can get for the shower. This is going to prevent soap and other products from clogging the drains. What’s more, since it sits over the drain, it will capture hair, which can be a huge culprit for a blocked shower drain.

Keep a Fat Container

One reason why kitchen sinks become blocked is because people are not careful with what they are cleaning. For example, if you are cooking something where there is going to be fat left over, you do not want to rinse this down the sink. While it might be in a liquid state at the moment, this is not how it stays. In fact, fat hardens when it is dry, which can cause a real problem. This can happen in your pipes and lead to a blockage.

So, we have identified that fat is a bad culprit for blocking drains. What can you do to avoid this from happening? Keep a container by the sink for fat. When you are finished cooking, you can simply pour the fat into this container. Leave it to harden and then you can scrap it into the bin. This way, it is not going into the kitchen sink.

Have Bins in the Bathroom

Sometimes, drains can become blocked simply because people have no other way to dispose of their trash. For example, this can happen with nappies, feminine products, and even wipes. This could be by someone who lives in the house or even a guest. Either way, all of these products are not suitable to be flushed down the toilet.

The best way to avoid this from causing a blocked drain is to have bins in the bathrooms in your home. This is going to make sure that people have a way of disposing of these items and do not resort to flushing them down the toilet.
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If someone in your house has flushed something they should not have, it is best to have a conversation with the household so that people know what to do.

Indeed, there are even some items that are marketed as flushable. But, when it comes down to it, there is still some risk. Again, it is best to have bins available in all bathrooms so that any potential blockages can be avoided.

Keep a Food Waste Bin

It is not only fat that can block a kitchen sink. It is also food waste in general. Over time, the food that is washed off plates can build up in the pipes. This can lead to a blockage that prevents water from draining away effectively. The food will rot too, which can lead to the bad odor that you can experience.

Keep a food waste bin beside the sink or on your worktop. This is going to provide an easy way to dispose of the leftover food from plates. A lot of people get lazy and simply wash it away in the sink. But, having a food waste bin on hand means that you do not have to do anything extra.

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