5 Tips to Keep Your Home Organized and Clutter-Free

by Sudarsan

Constantly finding yourself needing more space? You are not alone. 

Lifestyles nowadays, as it is fast-paced in nature, will likely introduce clutter. All sorts of clutter are occupying your bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen. Decluttering regularly is the perfect solution to manage your belongings, especially if you live in a small space. 

This dilemma can seem overwhelming. Nonetheless, it’s always best to remember that an organized home can be challenging but never impossible. You just have to get used to it so that you can develop the habit of being mindful of your purchases and other things that you plan on adding to your belongings.

Consider these tips to achieve a clutter-free home as you try to integrate it with your daily lifestyle:  

Adopt A Clutter-Free Mindset

A clutter-free home starts with a commitment to mindful practices. The initial part of the decluttering journey involves understanding what clutter is. This will serve as your guideline during the process of eliminating excess items in your home that may hinder the organization of your home.  

If you find that you have a lot of unused things lying around, you should separate them into two piles: one for donating and another for throwing out. For the latter, the services of a professional rubbish removal company are what you really need to ensure that your items are disposed of properly.

Additionally, putting an end to something even before it begins is an efficient way to handle clutter or hoarding it. Hence, it’s also recommended that you ask yourself, ‘Do I really need it?’ when purchasing new items. This way, you’ll find yourself staring at a shorter receipt from a shopping trip with only necessary items. Doing so not only helps you achieve a clutter-free home, but it also helps you save money.

Celebrate Small Victories 

Organizing an entire home can pose a daunting task but never impossible. However, it can also be broken down into parts so that it feels doable. The conscious decision to commit to an organized and clutter-free home always starts with small acts, including picking up clothes on the floor and dealing with the laundry the next day.  

It would be best to remember that the key to maintaining an organized home is consistency with your habits and being responsible about the act of decluttering.

Develop A System That Works

An organized home is a place wherein a system reigns and everything has its own place (even the ‘junk’ can have its own drawer, too!). Here are some home organization systems that may serve as your guiding principles in your decluttering journey:   

Less is more

Advertisements of new products in the market can potentially make you feel the need to acquire them. Remember that owning lesser items and furniture will make it easier to organize. This is also a perfect opportunity to avoid costly purchases that will end up collecting dust in your cabinets.  

Get support 

Decluttering may prove to be a good bonding activity among family and even roommates! Teaming up to accomplish tasks can streamline the process while ensuring that household members are involved and have their fair share of responsibilities. You can treat it as a little decluttering project!  

Focus On Experiences, Not Things 

People are emotional beings. As such, they tend to attach sentimental value to their possessions. Consequently, they may find themselves accumulating clutter but find it difficult to put those things away. In fact, people tend to overlook the fact that their space can only accommodate so much.  

Now that you’re aware of this, you should be careful about hoarding things. As such, when creating memories, try to focus on experiences and look for other ways to remember the events by. For instance, you may want to take digital pictures and videos rather than buying mementos and other trinkets that will add to your home’s clutter.

Manage Your Waste Properly 

Decluttering also entails waste, which can be overwhelming to you. What you really need to do is hire professional help to ease the burden of rubbish removal from your home. As mentioned above, there are companies that specialize in removing waste safely from your property. They can even take out large pieces of furniture that are only taking up space in your garage or garden shed.


Everyone deserves the physical and mental freedom of clutter-free living. Fortunately, decluttering success can be achieved through perseverance and dedication. Maintaining a clutter-free home isn’t just a chore that you do on the weekends. It should be a lifestyle that you adopt in the long run.

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