6 Reasons Why Paving Pedestals Are The Best!

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Traditional paving slabs were set into gravel, mortar beds or sand over waterproofing membranes. But, the surface water accumulated due to improper drainage and caused the paving layer to sag and deform. It brought more damage to the underlying membrane. You’ll have to replace, align, and re-level some or all of the slabs and repair the waterproofing membrane again. These will cost you a lot, and if it keeps happening, it’ll turn out to be a bad investment.

There’s an alternative method by which you can avoid all these issues. In a pedestal system, paving over membrane is used instead of paving directly on the sand or gravel. Flooring pedestal systems support the floor to create a raised paving by sitting between the corner of the paving slabs. This method eliminates the need for sand or brick piers and gravel beds and gives a long-term solution to flooring needs.

The benefits of these paving pedestals can be listed as below:

The floor area lasts long when it is protected from intense heat, water, and other elements. House Owners with sun deck, balconies, pool surround, and other exposed parts of the house require this type of paving method to prevent damages.

Corrects the sloping of surface

If your house is situated in a hilly area, the floor could be a bit uneven. It is necessary to level the floor before setting the flooring. These pedestals are the only method by which one can level the floor. A flat surface is more secure and stable for the family.

Protects the floor from moisture

Pedestals are the best way to protect beams, floors, pavers, and decks from water/moisture. Pedestals are used for constructing patios, walkways, and podium landscapes (structures requiring stable and strong build/base from the ground).

Moisture from the ground affects the durability and quality of the door material (steel, wood, concrete), reducing the lifespan. The pedestals lift the floor off the ground, which reduces these incidents, and maximizes the floor’s durability.

Better airflow

When the pedestal is used for paving over the membrane, the floor is raised to a level that lets the air flow beneath it efficiently. It increases the thermal insulation too. Many house owners install decking pedestals on their roofs to achieve maximum insulation inside their homes. These pedestals also minimize noise during heavy rainfall and hail during winter. It is the best method to control temperature and reduce noise.

Easy to maintain

With these pedestals, maintenance of electrical lines, water pipes, and sewage lines become quicker. The gaps let you check utility lines regularly, repair faulty ones, and detect problems early. No matter what wiring or pipeline is attached under the floor, the maintenance guy needs to remove the flooring material and pedestal to clean iT.

The aesthetic value is improved.

The pedestals not only protect the building it also improve the aesthetic value of your property.  

Save time and money

Nowadays, many builders are recommending these pedestals because of their economic reasons and ease of removal. The benefits of this technology are far more than the money one spends on installing it.

This technology makes every household activity easier and future maintenance of the house simpler.

If you install these pedestals in your home, you will save money and have no difficulty in plumbing and electrical repairs. Pedestals can also be used to build multi-functional structures, such as stage rises, transferable gardens, or playhouses.

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