7 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas for 2022

by Sudarsan

Your guests will appreciate and treasure the little small touches, presents, and focus that you included in your wedding. This bridal season, go beyond the expected and ‘Think outside the usual go-to box’. Here we provide you with the greatest ideas for wedding presents and favors which are unique and distinctive, whether that’s a destination wedding or a small intimate home wedding.

What are Wedding Favors?

It is traditional throughout many Western countries for bridal showers and weddings to provide party favors to attendees. “Offering wedding gifts to attendees goes back to the middle ages as a way for newlyweds to greet their guests for joining their wedding.” Wedding favors are tiny presents presented to guests by the couple getting married as a token of gratitude or pleasure during a wedding ceremony or reception. These presents are often little mementos that coincide with the wedding’s theme (think: hand fans for beach nuptials or mini jars of honey for a rustic affair). Today’s party favors are available in a multitude of form factors, some edible and others not.

7 Best Trending Wedding Favors

Amaze your guests with a one-of-a-kind wedding favor! We’ve compiled a list of 7 of the unique wedding favors available, so you can choose the ideal item for your special day.

1. Custom Wedding Koozies

Whether super bowl season is up close, you relaxing by the seaside, or playing all-around your home. Wherever your visitors are, a custom koozie will keep their beverages chilled.
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These customized can coolers will provide you and your loved ones with a way to sip drinks in a stylish way.
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You can use wedding koozies custom for making your wedding more interesting.

2. Carved Drink Coasters

Looking for unique wedding favors for guests that they can reuse and hold on to as time passes and use in their day-to-day life. Here it is Carved Drink Coasters with your name, face, and initials engraved onto them. By giving out these your attendees can protect their precious furniture while sipping out drinks and remembering old times of that special day.

3. Wedding Bells Favors

In past, in church, and during weddings, these bells were rung at the end of the wedding to declare the couple’s marriage. The custom of having bells rang at weddings may be followed back to the Celtics and Romans, with the bells being thought to fend off bad spirits played on inflicting damage to the couple and chaos on their special day. Whilst wedding bells are traditionally utilized during weddings, they may also be a delightful touch to your reception. We recommend customizing bells with specific guest names for each table.

4. Wine/Champagne Bottle

Everyone should be asking you about the great wine you poured at your wedding, so why not present it? Wrapping bottles in aesthetic material or bag with a wedding theme. A Garland and tassels are optimal for a tropical wedding. With a small champagne bottle, you can keep the celebration continuing! This wedding favor allows your guests to enjoy a drink at a later date too. Decorate the champagne bottles with a thank-you label and a gorgeous bow on top. Tiny champagne bottles complement the celebratory atmosphere of your wedding; send guests home with their own sparkling bottles as a token of appreciation.

5. Luxe/Rustic Candles

Candles with earthy smells like Patchouli, Sage, and Eucalyptus are the ideal finishing touch for a rustic occasion. Luxe candles like Neroli Portofino and Tubéreuse/Tuberose Candle will be a huge hit with all your visitors. Of course, in the end, any candle you choose will do its thing. Make sure to add Woven Wax seals with these bespoke scented candles. Personalize the text on the lid or box, you can provide various titles as well as your name and last name.

6. Bespoke Wedding Coins

Sending out coins as invites to your wedding to your family and friends is the most unique way of wedding invitations. All you have to do is attach a penny or make a custom coin with the bride and groom’s name on one side and the wedding date and venue on the other.

7. Hand Fans

Handheld foldable fans are an exquisite and vintage-inspired wedding favor idea. Aside from being a lovely keepsake, these fans are also quite useful, keeping your guests cool during your reception. Possibly you choose a lovely tropical retreat as the setting for your wedding. Another clever wedding memento suggestion for your guests is to give out fruitful or scented hand fans. These fans are sophisticated wedding favor ideas that will be used all the way during the ceremony, reception, and at home too. They are lovely and elegant, and they throw perfume in the air what more do you want to make your wedding perfect.

Got Your Wedding Favor Idea?

We’ve listed out these amazing wedding favor ideas that you can surely give a shot. You, your family, your friends, and all your guests will be awestruck when you hand these out. Don’t be afraid to try these out, make sure your wedding favors are on to remember.

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