A Guide to Breast Augmentation Using Implants in Singapore

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Breast augmentation has become a famous surgery procedure that many people in Singapore prefer. If you are not happy with your breast’s size and shape, then breast augmentation in Singapore will undoubtedly help you. Some women may also have undergone surgery for breast cancer, making their breasts lose and sagging. So you need not worry because the solution is breast augmentation, which can help you in Singapore. It helps women by boosting their self-confidence and by improving the appearance of the body. It significantly affects the lifestyle of a woman and also their feelings. 

When to carry out breast augmentation? What procedure should you choose for breast augmentation? Such are the questions that may go on in your mind. Many women are nowadays going through breast augmentation procedures without much hesitation to enhance their body features. It is imperative to discuss some of the information about breast augmentation, which can guide you in your decision-making process

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the surgery used to change the size and shape of a women’s breast. An expert or skilled surgeon undertakes this procedure to give a fuller impression to a person’s breast.

Why do you need this surgery?

Breast augmentation is for anyone who is not happy with the size of their breast. You undergo breast augmentation to increase the size of your breast and to have the desired look. It can also be helpful in certain conditions where the size of the breast got reduced. For instance, after giving birth or losing weight, the breast’s size tends to decrease. Then you can opt for breast augmentation to get back the earlier size of the breast.

Types of breast augmentation and implants

There are two main evolving trends in breast implants

  • Saline implants
  • Silicone implants

You may opt for saline implants filled with a saline solution that is saltwater. It is a saline solution held in a different amount within a silicone shell. It makes the breast firm and in shape. One of the saline implants’ advantages is that if it gets leaked, the saline solution gets absorbed into the skin, and the implants will deflate.

In Silicone implants, Silicone solution is present within the silicone shell. The silicone implant is more popular because if silicone implants ever leak, they will not deflate.

Breast augmentation Procedure

You and your plastic surgeon will first discuss where the implant should get inserted into your breast for the desired outcome. Incision options include either from under the armpit, under your breast, or around your nipple. After they make the incision, the breast tissue gets separated from the other tissues around it. A breast implant got inserted within the area created by it. Incisions are then closed with layered sutures in the breast tissue, and over time, the incision lines will fade.  You can consult specialists in Singapore at www.wcongplasticsurgery.com.sg . 

If you think that your breast is not well defined, it makes you anxious; you may undergo breast augmentation in Singapore. But before making any decision, you should first go through the above article to understand what breast augmentation can do for you. It will help you not only by improving your body but also by improving your self-esteem.

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