How do pain-relieving patches help you to tackle muscle pain

by Sudarsan

Pain relieving patches are a wonderful remedy for minor muscle aches. They are made of natural herbs that do a great job of keeping pain in check and make you feel much better. If you aren’t yet familiar with muscle patches for pain relief, here is a detailed presentation of them.

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A pain relieving patch is a piece of soft non-woven fabric connected to a hydrogel layer infused with herbs for minimizing pain. The most important ingredients are camphor extract, eucalyptus and capsicum. Camphor is a mild analgesic meant to oppress minor muscle pain. Eucalyptus is one of the most popular natural pain relievers. It focuses not only on minor pain, but also on treating severe illnesses like osteoarthritis. Capsicum is another reputed fighter against pain known for its magic effect in relieving back pain and joint pain. The herb-infused patch is applied on the aching area and left to do its job. It is available in different sizes, from small, targeting sharp discomfort in a specific area, to extra large that aim to cover large body parts like back or thigh.


Applying a pain patch is not difficult at all. First of all, make sure you clean the skin of dirt, oils, sweat and other impurities that can reduce the patch adherence. Then remove the pull-and-peel film, which protects the fabric and hydrogel from dirt, and place the patch on the dry affected area. The hydrogel is flexible enough to perfectly contour your body and adhere to the skin like glue. The sealed patch doesn’t allow for dirt to get to the aching area. You can wear clothes on the patch as it doesn’t leave stains.


It’s good to know that a pain herb patch is meant for temporary use and gives temporary effect. You have to remove it once in a couple of hours as it loses its pain relieving ability, and apply another patch. Keep in mind, though, that it is not recommended to use more than 3 patches a day. You can also remove the patch much earlier if you feel the pain has gone or if you feel a burn. Generally, 3-4 days of using the patches can completely eliminate the pain in muscles.


More severe injuries require a bit more time to get healed. However, if the pain persists for more than one week, you must stop using the patches, as it may hint at a more serious problem that requires a visit to the doctor. If the pain disappears and appears again the next day, it’s also a sign you should stop applying patches for pain relief.


The patches come with some warnings you are good to strictly follow. First off, keep the patch from coming into direct contact with the eye. The chemicals and herbs may irritate the eye, causing discomfort, tears, and other unpleasant consequences. Also, the patch shouldn’t be applied on an open wound or on irritated skin. The active ingredients can irritate the skin even more and cause redness and itching.
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You would also be safer if you avoided using the patch 1 hour before the shower.

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