A Guide to Choosing the Right Working Shoes

by Sudarsan Chakraborty
Working Shoes

According to the World Health Survey, 1.9 million people died from work-related diseases and injuries in 2016. The report is shocking and reveals the significant impact that jobs have on people’s lives.

And that is why occupational safety and health programs exist: they foster a safe and healthy work environment. These programs include rules that will protect workers in every work setting. And among these rules are foot safety protocols.

Working shoes play an important part in the safety of workers. The right men’s and women’s work boots can spell the difference between working safely and being exposed to numerous workplace hazards.

But what kind of working shoes should you be wearing?

Here’s a guide to choosing the right footwear, depending on the nature of your work.

At-Risk for Falling Objects

The type of safety shoes you should wear depends on the perils of your job.

If there is a risk for falling objects, such as the case in construction sites, safety toe work shoes or boots are the appropriate choice. Ankle support boots wouldn’t be of much help in the field of construction. Instead, they will be very beneficial in the athletic department or for tactical operations.

Women are also involved in challenging jobs that make it essential to equip them with guarded footwear. Safety toe men and women’s work boots, especially steel-toed ones, have a capping over the toe area. It provides protection against anything hitting it, including falling debris and hard objects on the surface. 

Electrocution Alert

Falling objects are not the only things you should be worried about. If you are an electrician or work around electricity, electrocution is one of your main concerns. Therefore, your shoes should be able to protect you from electrical hazards. Wear shoes that are non-conductive and have electrical shock-resistant properties that will save you in the unfortunate event of stepping on a live wire.

Don’t Let Your Feet Explode!

Working with explosives is dangerous as it is. And without personal protective equipment, you add greater risk to the job.

Explosives are highly flammable, which means burns can be easily acquired in the workplace. Thus, you need electrically conductive footwear that will repel static electricity in the body. It will help prevent such electricity from pooling and avoid explosions from happening. It is very likely when a spark occurs in the setting.

With the proper footwear, you save not just your feet but your whole body from exploding.

Keep Away from Sharp Objects

Handling sharp objects is unavoidable in certain jobs, which is why wearing protective footwear is necessary. Having something to protect your feet from getting hit by anything sharp will prevent injuries and even keep you away from serious problems. 

Yes, some injuries from nails, screws and even chainsaws pose deadly consequences. Thus, cut and puncture-resistant men’s and women’s work boots can save a life.

Your feet take you places. With the amount of work they do, it’s only natural that you take good care of them, as much as you take good care of every part of your body.

And wearing the right shoes that will protect your feet wherever you are and whatever you do is one way of keeping them healthy and safe.

So, keeping the tips given above in choosing the correct working shoes, women require more delicate pattern shoes that safeguard their feet and hold the petiteness intact. 

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