What Women in Australia Should Know About Choosing the Right Leggings

by Sudarsan

Recent reports show an exciting consequence from the Covid-19 pandemic: most Australians now love comfortable athleisure and take care of themselves as never before. Even the best-selling items in Australia highlight the colossal impact COVID-19 has had on everyday living, especially the transition to working remotely. 

Throughout August—September of 2020, Afterpay collected data from over 55,000 shops worldwide to develop its report and give a picture of overall beauty and fashion trends and hints as to what will come next. This year, they discovered that their average Australian client is a 35-year-old millennial and that 78% of Afterpay customers purchase from their smartphone. And it is considerably lower than in the United States, where 84% of customers shop on smartphones and the United Kingdom of 93%.

Among the most surprising findings from that report is that customers like to buy leggings in Australia now, alongside washable face masks, sweatshirts, and fitness wear. While it may appear bizarre, it’s actually one of the most flexible pieces of clothing that people can wear all year long. 

When you understand the basics, it can improve your outfit. However, if you do not wear them right, you can risk ending up with something like a camel toe, which would be a total turn-off.

That being said, what factors should you consider before buying leggings? Read on to find out. 

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The most significant consideration is the right size. Leggings should be neither too loose nor too tight. Ensure they fit tightly around your body without revealing the bodily shape. On the other hand, it should never be loose that you appear sloppy. For example, if you match ill-fitting leggings with blouses that extend well below your hips, it’s going to look too hung. 


Leggings, as everyone knows, come in a variety of lengths. Therefore, it is totally up to you to decide what and how to wear them. First, however, make sure the clothing seems to be well-put-together.

  • Full-length: They fall just below the ankle and, based on your measurement, most will have gentle pleats at your shins. These are typically worn beneath Indian Kurtis, flowing bohemian tops, tunics or in the wintertime (paired with your favourite boots).
  • ¾ length: These look great with short shirts and are a quick and easy solution. It is not perfect for a social setting, but it is ideal for almost everything else. They come to a halt at your calf muscle, so the emphasis turns there, so if you are not sure, ankle-length could be your perfect choice.
  • Ankle length: These are the most appealing of all. You can wear it with nearly everything – tunics, slip dresses, coats, jackets, and you name it. Furthermore, any type of footwear appears equally beautiful with them.
  • Knee-length: Typically used as fitness clothing – yoga, gym, hiking, walking, jogging, or travelling.


Lycra and cotton are among the most popular materials for leggings in Australia, but suede and leather are two additional fascinating options. These are fashionable and could go well with any attire.


Traditionally, leggings were only available in black, white, or off-white. And then there come the colourful, contrasting, and neon-coloured ones. You may have fun with it as much as you do not go beyond.

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