Best Tips to Choose Handles for Your Kitchen Cabinet

by Sudarsan

While choosing a kitchen cabinet can be a daunting tasking, settling on its handle is even more tasking. The handle is the final touch on the cabinet and can either break the whole setup or turn the whole house into a fine residence.

The cabinet handles come in various materials, finishes, and styles. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing one.

Quality and functionality

The first consideration when choosing kitchen cabinet Toronto handles is the quality and design. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home, and you are likely to keep opening and closing the cabinet drawers and doors every other time. The ideal handles are comfortable and stylish ones.

Confirm that the handle is easy to grip and feels comfortable on the hands when opening or closing the doors. It should also be big enough to cover those with a bigger hand. Lastly, confirm with the supplier what material the handle is made of.


The style of the handle matters when choosing your kitchen& bath hardware for the drawers and cabinets. Most cabinet handles come in either modern, classic, or farmhouse styles. You then must choose what works best for you.

Modern kitchen cabinet handles look and feel sleek. You can use them in a modern kitchen with modern appliances. Classic style is for the elegant and sophisticated, while farmhouse styles are for the relaxed setups.

When torn for choice, settle on simple hardware without bright colors and multiple patterns for a clean kitchen.


Kitchen cabinets Toronto handles come in a wide range of sizes from which you can choose depending on taste and kitchen design. You can opt to mix different handle length sizes or choose a uniform size for a less busy kitchen outlook.

Choose a medium length that is not too long or too short on the drawers. You can also pick the size of the handles to match the cabinet size.


The best way to get the cabinet handle position right is to fix them after the cabinet is installed in the kitchen. This allows you to hold the handles against the cabinet drawers and doors to determine the best position. Generally, the horizontal handles are placed on drawers while vertical handles on doors.

For a contemporary look, consider placing horizontal handles on the doors too. However, you should try it out to confirm how well it works. Ensure the handles are in a position they do not hit each other when opening the cabinets.

Totally no handles

One of the leading trends in modern housing is eliminating handles from the cabinet. This helps in streamlining the house’s looks and colors. In place of a handle, you can have a recessed lip at the upper part of the door to create a channel for the opening of the cabinet.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right handle for your cabinet ensures proper care and helps revamp your house theme. Use the above steps to find the ideal kitchen cabinet handle.

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