Color Selection Themes for a New Tennis Court

by Sudarsan

There are a few elements of any tennis court that combine aesthetics with practical needs, and a great example here is the color scheme and styles chosen for your court. Color differences are one major way many tennis courts help differentiate various play areas and in-bounds or out-of-bounds lines, and color also plays a role in things like curb appeal and long-term property value for any court you install. 

When you work with quality commercial and residential tennis court installers, color is just one of several areas that will be considered closely. Here are some basic themes we recommend keeping in mind while determining which colors to use for any new tennis court. 

Traditional Styles

For those who want to go the traditional route, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. The most common colors associated with tennis and tennis courts are green and blue, so you can’t really go wrong with either of these options. If you’re looking to install a tennis court that will mesh well with the rest of your property, green is always a safe bet – it’s one of the most versatile colors around, and it’ll match any surrounding landscape.

Blue is another great option for traditionalists, as it can provide a nice pop of color without being too overwhelming. As with most things in life, it’s important to find a balance when choosing your colors, and this is especially true when it comes to tennis courts.

Color or Design Alternatives

In other cases, you might want to get a bit more creative with your court’s colors. For example, many people choose to install red courts – this is a great option for those who want to make a statement and really stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, you could go with a black court, which can be quite striking when installed correctly.

If you’re going this route, just be sure you consider the important lines and markings that will need to be visible on your court. For example, a black court can be a bit more challenging to see the traditional green and blue lines – so you’ll need to take this into account when making your final decision.

Logo Considerations

In still other cases, such as if your teenager plays for a competitive tennis team, you might even consider designing your tennis court with a logo or some other type of branding. This can be a great way to really show your support for your favorite team or athlete, and it can also add some extra appeal to your property.

Just like with colors, it’s important to find a good balance when selecting a logo. You don’t want it to be too busy or too subtle – it should be something that stands out and catches people’s attention without being too over-the-top.

Consider the Surroundings

Finally, as you’re making your color selections for your tennis court, be sure to factor in the surrounding environment. If your property is located near a wooded area, for example, you’ll want to avoid using bright colors that could potentially clash with the natural landscape. Instead, try using muted tones that will help blend in with the surroundings.

On the other hand, if your home is located in a more urban setting, you might want to consider using brighter colors that will help the court stand out.

No matter what you choose, be sure to work closely with your tennis court installer to ensure that the final product looks great and functions well. By following these simple tips, you can be sure that your new tennis court will be a hit with everyone who sees it!

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