Smurfs in League of Legends: How to Identify Them

by Sudarsan

If you’re a newer player in League of Legends, you may have previously encountered a smurf. We’re not referring to the small blue folks here. It is possible to have a low-level smurf account in addition to a high-level primary account if you are an experienced summoner.

Internet history: Greg “Warp!” Schroeder and Geoff “Shlonglor” Frazier were Warcraft II superstars in 1996. Boyko used the term “smurfing” to describe a phenomenon in which people avoided playing with others because they could deduce their skill levels from their usernames. They created new accounts named PapaSmurf and Smurfette, claimed to be awful at the game, and then proceeded to eliminate the other players to prevent them from being recognized by other players.

If you’re new to the game, don’t let yourself be discouraged by playing with or against a smurf, thinking that you’re a terrible player. Rather, newbies should be aware that they may be playing against or alongside highly-trained opposition. The following are some simple ideas and tactics to help you find the smurf in your game!

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A “Troll” Username is More Probable

Smurfing and trolling have a common naming tendency, as do we. A lot of smurf accounts have names that are ludicrous or weird, since they don’t have the pressure of having to use the same nickname on their primary account. Against an opponent with a ridiculous moniker, players may even let their guard down.

One scenario Fraizer recounted included him and Boyko joining an online game with “Spiderman,” an unknown but very adept player.
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Frazier lost early in the game because he misjudged him. In fact, since it takes so long to level up a new character from scratch, you may buy an already-leveled but unranked account to use for smurfing.

They are simple to identify because of their random name formulations, such as GreenAlpaca29, which include a word or two and a random number at the end of the name. With their association with low-ranking players and boosted accounts, they might be problematic in the game.

Off-Meta Builds are More Likely to Get Tested

It’s reasonable to presume that a new player with an off-meta build is clueless about the game (and have flashbacks to everyone blindly running into random lanes and speed-building Trinity Force). Some more experienced players, on the other hand, may utilize their smurf identities to experiment with alternative team compositions and tactics without jeopardizing their hard-earned rank or incurring the anger of their confused teammates.

For a change of pace, they may choose an off-meta selection, because they’ve likely won many matches with normal compositions. When you have a better grasp of the game, you may borrow their ideas and attempt to implement them yourself.

Have a Strong CS

You should try to keep track of your teammates and opponents’ CS at all times, as well. CS, or “creep score,” is the total number of minions a player has killed in a given game session. In order to win the game fast, many new challengers prioritize killing their primary opponent over prioritizing their minions, which in turn keeps their CS low. Farming minions is critical for smurfs when they are in danger of losing a lane or are trying to put together a strong set of equipment.

In fact, farming is critical since it allows you to accumulate money, which can be used to upgrade your equipment and gain an edge over your opponents later on in the game. As long as the CS of a player in your game is greater than the rest of their teammates, they’re probably an infiltrator.

Has a Knack for Showing up Exactly When and Where You Need Him to

Players that have mastered the game’s fundamentals and are well-versed on its maps, notably Summoner’s Rift, will have an advantage over newcomers. The best way to tell whether your opponent or teammate is a smurf is if they make sensible selections about which towers to knock down or which lanes to push.

These smurfs are among the most enjoyable to play with. As a general rule, they’ll tell you when to take down either of the dragons or Baron Nashor for a team advantage, and they’ll also use pings appropriately to inform other players. As long as you’re not facing a coach on the other side, it’s almost like having your own coach.
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