Indian Talent Olympiad – An Organization for Students to Build Their Future

by Sudarsan Chakraborty
Indian Talent Olympiad

Everyone wants to see their child achieve new milestones and succeed in what he or she does in life. Indian Talent Olympiad is the best platform to identify your child’s abilities and improve their academic performances. This organization established in 2012 by leading child academicians and scientists in India. This is conducted from class 1 to 10 through eight examinations across India by following only the school board syllabus. The team of the organization has professionals in various subjects, who understand the exact needs of the students.

Eight subjects that Olympiad organizes Every Year


Science is an amazing subject that contains a lot of theories for students to remember. This is a subject that you have to understand instead of memorizing it. International Science Olympiad measures how well students have understood the concepts of science.

2.General Knowledge

Every student should be updated on current issues and knowledge all over the world. General Knowledge International Olympiad helps them get knowledge about various things such as science, environment, technology, history, politics, geography, language, sports, places, etc.


In the International Computer Olympiad, the team identify the programming skills of students. This exam is open to all school students across India.


Mathematics is a subject that cannot be memorized, but it can be learned through practice. International Maths Olympiad is a platform where students can clear their basic math concepts through learning by professionals. As known as the Olympics of Math, this competition is the most prestigious academic examination at the high school level.

Only multiple choice questions are asked in this examination. Students in the Maths International Olympiad exams create a base for good scores among their academies.


Nowadays, art has become the most favourite subject for many school students. International Drawing Olympiad exams are conducted every year to improve their skills in drawing, painting, sketching, and so on.


Essay writing is a different subject from other subjects. Students must be well-versed in the topics in which they have tried to compose essays. National Essay Olympiad allows students to improve their writing and language skills.
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International EnglishOlympiad is an English language and Grammar competition for students conducted by the organization. The exam is designed to focus on spellings, grammar, sentence structure, and language skills. It’s a way that promotes a deeper understanding of the English language.

8.Social Studies

National Social Studies Olympiad for all its aims and objectives, to develop students’ insight and enthusiasm in all kinds of social situations. This is an exam to test student’s knowledge about History, Geography, and Civics.


Indian Talent Olympiad helps all the students to make their base strong from class1 to 10. These Olympiad Exams are a way to nurture their talent and performances in the study that would make their future brighter. And it is a global exam where students from different parts of the country can take part. These exams prepare students for national and international competitions.

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