Breaking Through: Tips for Athletes to Overcome the Pandemic in Style

by Sudarsan

Life is indeed the biggest challenge anyone can have. And yet, we may be feeling a lot more today than ever before. The COVID-19 menace is upon us and it has taken sports down. How can a virus so small be able to take down the world’s top sports events? Just last year, the Olympics in Japan was postponed even when the Japanese government has poured over $15 billion to host the event?

And yet, a year after that postponement, more sinister news of the Olympics at Japan seems imminent. It’s set to be scrapped altogether. Truth be told, it’s mind-boggling, to say the least.  

Amidst all these sports heartaches, the emotional rollercoaster for any athlete is real. You not only can’t practice like you used to, but you also can’t compete. Worse, you need to stay indoors. As a consequence, your daily routine has changed.

You can bottle it all up. But all that negative feelings, from confusion and exhaustion to anger, have to be processed right. Here’s a good start:

Basic Needs are a Must

We need not tell you about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to let you know what’s important for you to survive. To breakthrough in style, you need to address what’s essential first and foremost. Take care of your most basic needs. We’re talking about food and water, shelter and sleep for starters. 

It’s true this is unchartered territory but that does not mean you can’t improvise as you go. If you are finding it hard to get your basic needs, seek assistance. A slew of programs in America should be able to lend you a hand. Some of these are Salvation Army, Feeding America, Meals on Wheels to name a few. 

Stay in the Loop

Knowing how we’re getting closer to putting down this virus can help you get back on your feet. Stay in touch with the latest COVID-19 updates via reputable sources. We’re talking CDC and World Health Organization. 

Additionally, staying updated on sports news should bid you well. It will show you how things are moving up in the sports community. Once again, the internet can help you here. A good example is following Detroit Lions sports news these days. You can easily hook up for fresh sports news and the latest updates by registering. 

Reach Out Virtually

You must remember that man is a social animal. That is ingrained in your psyche. Thus, you’ll find happiness in being with people you know. In this regard, take time to reach out to friends and acquaintances even online. While going to a friend’s house may not be possible right now, you can always use Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime to connect. That way, you don’t get sidelined and overwhelmed by all the negativity. 

The good news about reaching out is you get to help people you love to get back up emotionally and mentally. Take note that everyone is suffering from the torments of the virus today. When you get in touch, you are bringing a positive vibe and exuberance, a ray of sunshine for people in dire straits. 

Monitor Your Mental Health

You must be wary. You may not realize it but you could be affected negatively by the unprecedented upheaval that the virus has caused. Never in modern history has there been such a monumental downturn. We’re practically in a box right now. We can’t do what we normally can do. And that can have disturbing effects on the psyche. 

You could be vulnerable to mental health issues but don’t know it yet. Thus, you should pay extra attention to your mental menu. A way for you to be mentally stable is to reach out and extend compassion to others. 

Additionally, if you think you need to, you should explore resources to boost your mental health in a jiffy. Reaching out to the American Counselling Association, in times of mental health issues, is wise. Here excellent resource for mental health straight from CDC


Last but not the least, find time to exercise. This can really pave the way for you to sail through the pandemic in style. Make exercise part of your daily routine. 

Why? Take note that exercise is a great way to manage stress. That’s a big first step. Plus, you get to raise your immunity levels when your body sweats. Cardio has been proven to be an excellent way to fight heart disease and lower body fat. In short, you fight off illness. 

The good news is you can always do it indoors. Here’s expert advice to get started. Moreover, you can always download an app to help you. 

Then, there’s a misconception that you can’t exercise outdoors while on stay-at-home orders. You can. Just make sure you get to places that are not crowded and follow safety protocols. 

You can even do it with family, like for instance, hiking together on a trail. Lest you forget, you really are in this together.

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