Data Science Jobs: What is a Data Architect?

by Sudarsan

The demand of professionals skilled in data science are quite high. Large and small companies want to have employees with best talent in the market which would help to capture, process, analyze the enormous sets of data in an efficient manner. Small companies are just the beginners who have the potential in the analysis of data while large companies have various sources of data and huge amount of data activity. The pillar of modern management and strategy is Data. The one of the highly demanded jobs within the Data Science Training Is Data Architect. The data architect knows how to robust the strategy of data by using their ways around databases of large scale, data analysis and machine learning by using the programming language. Nowadays the companies are also looking forward mainly for data architects. Companies need a data architect which would help them to figure out the data both structured and unstructured, which should be stored and the way it should be integrated with various Information technology system.

Definition of Data Architect

The role of Data Architect is directly or indirectly linked with the roles of data management and business analysis. These are differentiated from each other in many ways. The roles of data professionals are data scientist and data engineers. The data engineer is the one who has software engineering as a background and works with bigger data, cloud platforms and data warehouse in the cloud. Data engineering usually builds up and then maintains the framework of data. The background of data scientists is statistics and the job facilities involve cleaning and analyzation of data and then using the data to answer the questions and provide the metrices to help them in solving the business problems. The data architect usually understands the software engineering and statistics. Their job is mainly to objectify and visualize the framework of data. They also give the knowledge and rules regarding to the handling of data source from various database. This also plays an important role in the company’s data science team. Their job is to plan and manage the data, examine the existing infrastructure of data and then develop a new design to combine the current system with a future state in mind. The data scientist uses the data for analyzation and provides matrices. The data architect starts its career as data engineer which helps in gaining an experience in database architecture and assembles the skills in the information technology sector and related field. They need to have an experience in data analysis and management with the analytical and problem solving abilities. The eligibility criteria of a data architect is to have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, computer engineering or any related field.

Functions of Data Architecture

Data Architecture means designing of various data system within an organization and the rules which are used to govern them about how the data is being collected and stored. There are many functions of Data Architecture. Some of them are as follows:

1. Defining the information requirements within a business

The data architect usually works with the leader of business and the team of data science who gathers information requirements, translating them and then using these developments to make the solution of data centric. The data architect creates a well defined map like structure to show how the information within a business can be used and the way of consuming it within various business and information technology customers.

2. To hold on to the standard of architecture

When the database is being modeled, there is a pack of industry-accepted data architecture principles and standards that has to be followed while working. They usually govern the modern activities of data and ensures that the data comes across the regulation and needs to be used for the security as well as in the achievement of the aim and goal of the business.

3. Focusing on the improvement of the quality of data, security, and availability

The Data Architect needs to see that the structure of data obeys with all the local, state, federal and standards of industries. This guarantees the best practices of data architecture which is being imposed by the governance committee of the data. They work in smoothening of the data flows and models while improving the steadiness, quality, accessibility and security.
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Data architects are quite high in demand due to data science which is nowadays more beneficial in the software field. 

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