A Homeowner’s Complete Guide to Window Replacement: Trends, Costs, Benefits, and More

by Sudarsan

Have you recently checked the condition of your windows?

Window replacement is one of the best choices to enhance your home’s look and efficiency. Although it can be time-consuming and expensive, you may want to consider getting one. 

In this guide, you’ll learn about the costs, benefits, and more about window replacement. Read on if you want to consider replacement windows for better comfort and safety. 

Signs That It’s Time for a Window Replacement

It’s typically easy to spot if you need to start finding a window replacement or repair company. However, there may be some hidden signs that tell you that you need immediate replacement.

One is the abnormally high energy bill leading to poor energy efficiency. This is due to the drafts coming from damaged windows. The air entering your home forces your HVAC system to work harder to heat or cool the air. 

Try opening and closing your windows a few times. Window foundations may twist, which prevents smooth moving of your windows. In some cases, the hinges and latches get rusted enough that you can’t open the window at all. 

Another sign to replace your windows is the peeling and cracking of the paint around them. This usually means that the wood underneath is starting to rot, crack, or falling apart. 

Benefits of Home Window Replacement

Replacement windows are your solution to better light and modern aesthetics. Windows can do more than simply bring more sunlight and airflow. Present windows now give you many benefits with the option to customize to suit your needs. 

Here are a few of the benefits of investing in a new window:

Increase of Home Value

One of the biggest benefits is that you get a higher home value if you plan to sell your home. Many home buyers might not like the appearance of old, broken windows in their new possible home.

If you plan to sell your home soon, consider investing in brand new vinyl windows. Homeowners can get back about 73% of the overall project cost from the resale. 

Enhanced Home Safety and Security

Windows that don’t open or close well are both an annoyance and a safety hazard. For example, it’ll be difficult to open the window when you’re trying to escape when there’s a fire.

Getting new windows can benefit the safety of you and your family. Many windows now have improved functionality and safety features. You may find features like security sensors and up-to-date secured locks. 

Easier Maintenance

Many of today’s window designs don’t need much maintenance. There are many that have convenient features like between-the-glass blinds and tilting sashes. These features reduce the need to clean dust and makes it easier to reach hard-to-clean areas. 

Reduce Noises 

How does replacing your window reduce the noises coming from outdoors? New windows now feature triple-pane glass with insulation frames. They have the components to combat noise pollution, allowing a more comfortable environment. 

Improve Home Comfort

With new windows, you no longer have to suffer from the hot spots and cold drafts. Your well-sealed windows prevent air leaks and allow more climate-controlled air.

Some windows with argon staying between the glass help prevent heat transfer. They also reduce the number of ultraviolet rays entering your home.  

Window Replacement Cost

What you choose for your window replacement affects the overall cost. This includes the manufacturer, color, type of glass, size, and so on. 

The average cost to replace windows stays between $150 to $700 for each window. You get this price range for replacement windows that go into existing frames. With labor costs, you’ll have to pay an extra $150 to $250 per window. 

On average, expect an additional $38 for every hour with labor costs. The price also differs in the type, material, size, and frame of the windows. 

Factors to Consider for the Best Replacement Windows 

Get the best replacement windows by knowing what to look for before purchasing. Besides the cost, you need to inspect every component of your new windows. This ensures that the window matches your needs, aesthetics, and budget.

Window Style

What’s the main focus of your room? Is it to have a more expansive view of the outdoors or for better ventilation? With the purpose of the window in mind, you can pick the best style that matches the room. 

If you need better ventilation, awning windows are the best choice. Other great choices for extra ventilation are casement and hopper windows.

Get Bay & Bow windows if you want to create an extra interior space. Garden windows are the perfect choice for your kitchen if you grow herbs and spices. If you want minimalism, choose sliding, picture, single-hung, or specialty shape windows.  

Window Type

Vinyl windows are the most durable and energy-efficient compared to other options. They are easy to clean and hardly corrodes or rots. Vinyl is more lightweight, which makes them easier to install. 

You can also get fiberglass windows for their natural wood aesthetic and durability. They’re resistant to moisture, fading, peeling, and flaking.

Another great choice is the composite windows. They are also resistant to water, rotting, and warping. It is a mix of vinyl and fiberglass, which makes them stronger but pricy. 

Glass Type and Size

The types of glass you pick can help boost energy efficiency and lower your energy bills. Go for tinted glass if you want to reduce the UV rays entering your home. If you want to increase safety, the tempered glass may be to your liking. 

Window Trends of 2021

2021 is here, and many homeowners are now tackling DIY projects for better windows. Many are more encouraged to install windows that improve ventilation, comfort, and functionality. 

Large windows are one of the biggest window trends of 2021. It’s aesthetically pleasing to look through your big glass windows to look at the view. 

The sliding mechanism for windows has also grown more popular. The finger-based movement to open and close now makes it easier to move your windows. 

Your Complete Guide to Window Replacement

Now that you know more about window replacement, do you want to give it a go? Increase both functionality and aesthetics as you find more durable windows. 

Learn more about improving your real estate and home today! Read the rest of our guides with more helpful tips and information.

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