Digital Marketing Tactics: How Important a Factor Is It in the Australian Economy?

by Sudarsan

Every business needs a valuable strategy to let their target market know the products they are offering. Now that most people spend their time online, it is more likely that every business will prosper through engaging in digital marketing. 

Advertising via different digital channels such as search engines, mobile apps, websites, social media, and emails defines digital marketing. This process provides an avenue for various goods, brands, and services to be endorsed by a wide array of potential customers online. As a result, digital marketing carries high chances that the company’s revenue will increase significantly over time. 

Australia is a high-income country and is highly progressive to the demands of its economy. The business industry in this country continuously grows as it focuses primarily on digital media. Digital marketing in Australia greatly contributes to the development of the country’s economy and is very helpful for starting or long-running companies. 

There are many digital marketing strategies popular in Australia, and each company uses a certain strategy that will highly benefit their business. The following are some of these strategies that you may also apply to the course of your business. 

Social Media Advertising 

Social media usage in Australia is very prevalent, with 18 million active social media users out of a population of 25 million as of 2020. These numbers mean that by promoting your product on different social media platforms, you will reach your target customers easily. It is also a process wherein you will be able to tighten customer engagement and communication, which is indeed very helpful for your company’s growth.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that aims to reach customers through their mobile phones, tablets, or any other mobile devices via emails, SMS, or mobile applications. According to a recent worldwide survey, mobile phones are the most popular gadgets in Australia, with 94% of the adult population having one. This data proves that this tactic can reach the market even in the most remote places and promote your products or services efficiently.

Influencer Marketing

Through the help of some well-known persons and organizations, a company may thrive using their influence on the audience. This marketing strategy demands the involvement of influential individuals in the promotions of various products and services. A survey showed that 40% of Australians are more inclined to buy from a company after seeing an influencer post about it.

Content Marketing

It is a common digital marketing strategy that focuses on writing, creating, and publishing content such as blog posts, infographics, or ebooks to reach your target audience. Through this, your brand or company will be exposed and visible to customers. 


Chatbots is AI-driven technology that allows companies to deliver 24/7 real-time customer assistance, lower customer call wait times, and subsequently increase overall customer satisfaction. Using this method will help your company easily track the customers’ concerns and solve them quickly. Chatbots will also ensure that you maintain customer engagement while expanding your reach. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of enhancing your website to further increase its exposure and visibility when consumers utilise various search engines like Google or Bing to look for items and services connected to your company. Having a higher and better appearance of the services you offer in search results may attract more of your potential customers. 

Nowadays, many digital marketing agencies provide services for companies, and they will perform these digital marketing strategies competently. As digital marketing in Australia arises, the number of trustworthy agencies in this country also increases, which will help your company reach a wider target market. Hopefully, you gained knowledge about some of the available digital marketing strategies used in Australia that you may also use to grow your company.

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