Strategies for Effective SEO Link Building

by Sudarsan

We are now living in the modern era. We wake up every day in an environment that’s ruled by technology. We check our mobile phones for the time, our emails, or social media accounts, our to-do lists, reminders, and events—all in a few clicks. Instead of going to the grocery store or supermarket and waiting in long queues, we find convenience in ordering from online stores and having it delivered to our doorstep. Just recently, we can book a car that’ll give us a ride to our destination, we can pay bills online, and even purchase plane tickets. Some countries are a step ahead in this game and they’re looking forward to opening stores where no cashier nor manpower is needed—everything can be done online and conveniently. Even with these improvements, SEO companies like St Louis SEO Stars Inc. are still looking for ways to enhance the user experience and step up the game in this digital age.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice that companies do to make their websites appealing and useful to the user with the aim to make it to the top of search engine results. However, to be able to do this effectively, they need to utilize a strategy called link building. Link building is when companies include hyperlinks or backlinks in their website which aims to elevate search engine ranking, and eventually its visibility. Usual link building strategies include:

Useful Content. A website can be compared with food. A food with pretty much very little to no nutritional value isn’t useful to humans. Similarly, a website with nonessential information will be regarded as unhelpful and of low rank. A good way to pack your website with useful information is by using visual representations such as images, infographics, and charts. Scholarly articles and research topics will also be of good use to keen users. Figures and data that can be found inside research articles can be easily linked to other websites and will be very much helpful to you as well.

Email Outreach. This isn’t as simple as it sounds. This strategy involves combing through the list of emails of people like Elon Musk. It isn’t an easy task because the usual contact information that’s being shown on a website isn’t as responsive as they should be and they’re not what you’re looking for. What you’re after is someone who can link your website to theirs, and that includes companies ranging from small ones to the very prominent ones. Once this step is done, it is worth all the effort though. 

Broken Link Building. For this one, it’s basically like hunting for dead links across the internet. What you can do here is when you have a website that’s full of hyperlinks, you can have all of that links scanned by a Chrome Extension, which will point out all the dead links on that website. You can then email the publisher from that link and as if they can put yours as a replacement.

To be at the top of the SEO game, companies have to be very clever. They utilize everything they possibly can to climb the ladder and be at the top of the list. The suggestions outlined above may sound very technical and tricky, but when done, they’re worth every hassle.

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