SEO Advantages when Using Blockchain

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Emerging technologies, like blockchain, are becoming more relevant to numerous brands across different industries. For companies already including blockchain into their everyday operations, transactions, and marketing, there are a few strategies and SEO advantages when using blockchain that are worth considering. To learn more about blockchain development and the technologies best suited for your business, enterprises may reach out to a local Los Angeles blockchain development company, like Sunlight Media LLC.

In terms of individual business transactions, content creation, and paid advertising, blockchain may assist businesses with ensuring that your brand’s information, services, and products and services generate high-quality appearances and enhanced SEO value different online search engines, social media platforms, and content management systems. Furthermore, companies may integrate blockchain SEO strategies alongside current marketing and search engine optimization campaigns for driving more traffic, increasing revenue, and better-promoting brands. 

What is Blockchain and Why is it Important for Business? 

Due to several different key attributes, blockchain offers the necessary technologies for verifying transactions and publications more accurately and securely. Often, data is misinterpreted or displayed incorrectly on search engines or transactions. Also, these types of data may be susceptible to data theft from hackers and may limit businesses when attempting to review data that has been altered multiple times over a lengthy duration of time. 

For this reason, blockchain technology, along with its relevant technological associations like bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and tokens, is more suitable for bringing higher search engine optimization (SEO) value to various brands across different industries. These technologies prove useful when optimizing eCommerce transactions, publishing content on the internet or social media, record-keeping data and client account ledgers, and more. 

SEO Advantages when Using Blockchain 

Using Blockchain Keywords for SEO

Due to the popularity and rise of blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies, businesses may significantly benefit from the inclusion of content-created blogs, posts, and articles relevant to the blockchain. With blockchain technologies being versatile and having various applicable and universal functionalities for different businesses, including blockchain keywords into product or service descriptions, blogs, articles, and website pages may attract more visitors to brand sites while driving more traffic to different products and services. 

Companies may rely on numerous keyword research tools to identify which blockchain-related keywords best attract company target audiences. There are numerous resources, such as, UberSuggest, and plugins like KeywordsEverywhere, which provide insights on relevant keywords users typically search for in regards to a specific category. 

In combination with a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, this keyword placement, research, and strategy may be essential for reaching larger target audiences. Furthermore, search engines tend to place more popular, reputable, and longer established brands higher in the search engine results rankings, however, using blockchain keywords and opting into blockchain keyword bidding strategies may better allow smaller scale creators and businesses to compete with these larger brands. 

Blockchain Timestamps 

As a business, you may serve your clients on numerous occasions online or directly. Blockchain makes it easier to timestamp invoices, transactions, and online activities hosted by your company, which in return, may benefit your business when considering SEO. For instance, a company may regularly schedule article publications online that users may view to stay informed about specific brand products and services offered by the company. 

In this scenario, the company may serve as the center of information for this operation, however when the company representatives wish to alter the article, then the publication would show a new timestamp, without allowing the end-user to view the previous edits once they are published again to the company site, social media profiles, or external blogging websites. However, when utilizing blockchain technology, companies may ensure that their operations undergo separate timestamp certificates, which in return offers end-users the opportunity to review company data with more transparency. This increase in transparency may lead to higher brand loyalty and trust from the consumers, which then may encourage more users to rely on your brand for various products and services. 

Timestamps developed with blockchain technologies are only one example of how companies may improve their existing workflows and business processes. However, blockchain systems ensure that there is accountability and/or ownership of online transactions, publications, and other miscellaneous and virtual events. 

Bidding for Bitcoin Blockchain and CryptoCurrency 

In addition to content creation and keyword optimization, companies may venture into paid pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. By promoting more on search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, companies may bring more SEO value to their blogs, educational guides, shared online resources, company articles, trend reports, FAQs, and more. In this strategy, businesses may rely on their marketers to reach target audiences by including mentions of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology into their paid advertising campaigns. This may include optimizing keywords and search phrases within company paid and sponsored brand publications and posts to generate more qualified leads for your business. 

On-Page SEO and Blockchain 

There are a few simple methods companies may include blockchain into their website and landing pages to enhance on-site SEO. If applicable to the business model, companies may consider integrating blockchain technologies into their websites and mobile applications. For instance, setting up a bitcoin wallet into the eCommerce site or Content Management System (CMS) may appeal to certain target audiences while offering search engines an additional means for including that service on the search engine results. For more information on crypto wallets, businesses may review how to create a crypto wallet.

This idea may be further expanded on by creating articles with anchor links, that direct traffic to company landing pages, that also mention or integrate blockchain technology while showcasing other relevant brand products and services. This strategy may further popularize your brand to being blockchain adaptable while further increasing your rankings on search engines. 

Off-Page SEO and Blockchain 

Similar to on-site SEO, off-page SEO encourages businesses to place blockchain-relevant content in addition to the routine postings about your brand’s products and services. Through a series of backlinks, companies may build upon their promotional links and site domain rankings by sharing content across different guest posting sites, business directories, classified ads, link roundups, and more. 

Off-page SEO may also include promoting both blockchain and brand-relevant products and services across numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and more. Successful social media marketing may lead to more users sharing your content across the web, which in return triggers a social signal to search engines that allow your company and its services to appear more frequently on social feeds and search engine result pages. 

SEO and Blockchain Ledgers

Depending on the business, companies may apply different principles for recordkeeping client and business information while accounting for multiple and daily transactions. When opting into blockchain-developed programs, companies may find it easier to validate IP addresses, which makes it more simple to match identities to each specific transaction. 

Although there are many alternatives to this process, blockchains encryption technology and the ability to timestamp records smartly and securely enable businesses to conduct more business without taking on more risk. As the company earns more productivity, revenue, and secured transactions, it will be most likely deemed a reputable, reliable, transparent, and trusting company to conduct business with. Companies with this history of successful client-to-business transactions may appear higher on search engines, thus inviting more traffic to your website.  


In a competitive and technologically driven market, most industries may rely on developing upon their existing strategies to become more relevant online while outcompeting other brands. As a solution, companies rely on the integration or SEO strategies included with blockchain. These particular systems allow businesses to ensure secure investments, increase trust between client and business, and appear as a more reputable company or brand on various search engines. As consumers engage with companies involved with blockchain systems, they may be more inclined to continue with purchases, products, or services, which in return assists enterprises with increasing conversions, raising productivity and revenue, and enhancing overall search engine optimization.  


Jhonathon Badalof works at Sunlight Media LLC in Downtown Los Angeles, California. As a Project Manager, Jhon collaborates with clients on website and app design and development, marketing, and creative solutions for campaigns. In addition to Project Management, Jhon is a content writer who writes articles that rank well on Google and other social media platforms. His skill sets include social media marketing, eCommerce, brand development, programming, web design, and graphic design.

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