How to Generate More Leads with Help of SEO

by Sudarsan

The best way to generate leads is to hire Best SEO Company in Bangalore. The company will have to demonstrate that it is a valid and authoritative interlocutor throughout the funnel and the best way to do this is to work on the content.

On the one hand, to intrigue, interest, involve and convince a qualified audience. On the other hand, coordinate all the useful initiatives to nurture the relationship with these contacts or strengthen lead nurturing.

Digital technologies play a key role. Today the effectiveness of Marketing is heavily dependent on digital platforms, even if the theoretical basis of Marketing has not changed: it is always necessary to start from one’s customers, from their problems, and then present adequate solutions. But the software and the processes with which to do this are increasingly complex. 

1. Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages are one of the hottest ways to generate leads. Usually, you land on one of these pages, also called the opt-in page, funnel page or lead capture page, by clicking on a link or banner. These are landing pages created not with the intent of selling but to convert anonymous website visitors into a list of identified contacts of which at least their first and last names, e-mails and preferably also a phone number. There are different types of squeeze pages, which are distinguished concerning the time they appear to the user.

2. Web Form and Contact Form

Contact forms are a traditional lead generation method that is still quite widespread. The ineffectiveness of the “contacts” page of the site has now been established. It is preferable to insert a form to fill in with little information – name, surname, e-mail and telephone number – within the busiest pages, prompting the user to contact through an effective call to action.

3. Live Chat and Chatbot

Professional clients particularly appreciate this tool. The chat must always be accessible but never intrusive, and it can be an excellent way to provide prospects with concrete help in real-time, gain their trust and entice them to provide us with contact information.

4. Blog

A well-managed and well-fed blog ensures the possibility of obtaining leads on target, profiled and interested in what the company does and offers. The secret is to produce and continuously post viral articles, news and other quality content, which provide useful information to solve the problems that torment the buyer personas, the typical customers to whom the company mainly addresses.

5. SEO

The best way to generate leads is to increase organic traffic from search engine queries. It is essential to optimize the site and its contents from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective. To position yourself at the top of the first page of Google or other web directories, however, it is not enough to preside over the right keywords and work consistently on the contents to gain authority. It is also necessary to supervise other technical aspects by SEO Company in Bangalore: the tree structure of the site, its structure, internal links, and external links.

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