High Demands, Low Supply: Finding the top Jobs in Cybersecurity today

by Sudarsan

As the world of IT is rapidly expanding, it is facing the massive challenge of cyber threats. There has been a loophole in IT security ever since the digitalization procedure has begun to expand. Organizations from around the world are facing issues regarding the protection of their sensitive data. These organizations have seen a massive talent gap to encounter cyber threats. There are hackers across the globe who are planning to access and steal data from huge organizations. These data can carry much important information regarding a company’s formulas, revenue, and even client information.

In return, organizations are striving for highly knowledgeable, experienced, and skilful professionals who could help to protect the IT systems of these organizations. In fact, organizations across the globe are ready to pay such professionals, a handsome amount of salary, because why not? 

A professional with such credentials deserves to be paid handsomely because the protection and management of Information System Security of any organization is a job full of risk and challenges.

Since we have told you so much about such professionals, now you must be wondering if you could do such jobs. Well, if this is what you are wondering about, then this article is for you. 

Now the world of Cybersecurity is growing exponentially, and so are the job vacancies. Hence, we have brought you the list of some of the most in-demand Cybersecurity jobs that you could try to get in order to serve any organization to protect their sensitive information effectively.

Here are some of the jobs that you can pursue in order to protect system information in any organization:

  • Chief Security Officer

These are the professionals who have great responsibilities on their solders to guide the organization they work within about existing security threats, and they also have to inform the organization about future security threats. They are specially hired to manage and establish best communication practices that are considered to be one of the most important practices to maintain the efficacy of security operations in the organizations they work within. To pursue this career, you must have a specialization with a BS Computer Science or equivalent landscape. The salary of a Chief Security Officer ranges from $67,900 to $225,000 per annum. The salary package depends upon the experience of an individual.

  • Lead Software Security Engineer

A Lead Security Engineer is hired to guide teams of any organization for the sake of development of employee training programs. The Lead Security Engineers are responsible for the development of applications that are related to security aspects of the organization they work within. To get this job, you should have BS Computer Sciences or equivalent fields based on security concerns. You also have to brush up your communication skills in order to serve well as a Lead Software Security Manager. 

A Lead Software Security Engineer will be paid a handsome salary on the basis of his experience, and the salary package may range from $58,000 to $233,333 per annum.

  • IT Security Consultant

An IT Security Consultant has the authority to discuss and develop strategies along with the clients regarding the improvement of efficient Cybersecurity all over the organizations they work within. Well, they also need to have knowledge of various industry verticals, with impressive communication skills and project management expertise. An IT Security Consultant will get $51,518 to $198,909 per annum as per experience.

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

A Chief Information Security Officer alongside the Chief Security Officer, whose main objective is to design more security protocols and policies that can be used to protect the information of the organization they work within. These professionals should have the best communication skills, and they should also have the knowledge of best practices to deal with security related to information and intellectual data the organization they work within.

A CISO will earn a salary ranging from $89,555, and their salary will increase up to $192,500 per annum as per experience. 

  • Director of Security

The Director of Security post is meant for those professionals who have impressive soft skills and have immense knowledge regarding the same. These professionals are responsible for diminishing the possibilities of cyber-attacks for the organizations they work within. They also direct or lead the teams under them to help the teams to follow the protocols of the organization they work within.

These professionals get $70.998 to $178,000 per annum according to the size of their organization, and their salary also depends upon their experience level.

  • Lead Security Engineer

The Lead Security Engineers are those individuals who get involved in managing systems related communication, and they manage hardware and related technical issues, they also help make the operational environment more streamlined and apart from these responsibilities, these engineers play a key role in overviewing codes and programs that are designed focus on vulnerabilities of systems in their organization. If they find any system vulnerabilities, then it is their duty to troubleshoot such threats as soon as possible.

A Lead Security Engineer can expect a salary package on the basis of the size of the organization he will work for, and the amount of experience he possesses, the bracket of salary package of a Lead Security Engineer ranges from $73,609 to $174,375 per annum.

  • Cyber Security Director

A Cyber Security Director is responsible for managing, monitor, and protect the Information System of an organization from getting penetrated by viruses and other such programs that may harm the IT systems in multiple ways. These professionals are well-trained, knowledgeable, and skilful enough to test the penetration of any virus or such malicious programs, and they are trained to utilize tools that can be used to detect any type of harmful penetration into the IT systems of any organization they work within. A Cyber Security Director gets a decent amount of salary as per experience. Their salary package may range from $53,582 to $170,000 annually.


The vacancies for cybersecurity-related jobs are growing day by day, and now it has become mandatory for organizations across the globe to hire any individual who can help them to protect their assets and information from cyber threats. If you are interested in investing yourself in the field of Cybersecurity, then surely you can also land on these jobs by making required efforts and taking up popular cybersecurity certifications.

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