Get Benefited with Weighted Vests While Working Out!

by Doug Brown
Get Benefited with Weighted Vests While Working Out

Wanting to add new challenges to your fitness training? Body weights and weight vests for men can add resistance and cardio conditioning to workouts. Weighted vests are simply wearable weights worn during exercises for increased resistance.

Changing up your fitness routine can be a good habit to get gradual results, although the weights may vary. Modifying your workout by placing different strains on your body allows it to develop strength and conditioning. Hence, weighted vests can be great additions to help you achieve your fitness goals.

 Most weighted vests can also accommodate extra bars for added weight according to one’s needs. The more weight men’s weight training vests carry, the more resistance you’ll encounter. These vests are used for bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, and cardiovascular training. They are also useful for athletes in sport-specific training for activities like basketball and tennis.

However, before strapping on the extra pounds, it is important to understand the benefits.

1. One of the multiple benefits of adding weighted vests to your fitness routine is that it can help in developing strength, endurance and cardio by increasing your body weight.

2. Adding mass influences your muscle’s stress and strain during workouts.

3. As the weighted vest adds more weight, more force is exerted which leads to faster energy depletion.

4. Quick depletion of energy also affects your breathing pattern and how much oxygen you take in as you train.

5. Stressed muscles, increased breathing and depleted energy makes your body to learn and adjust to these factors. Therefore, after a while, your strength, endurance, and cardio can see positive results.

6. Additionally, weighted vests and body weights add variety to your workouts while challenging you to push yourself harder.

7. Added bodyweight can be useful in multiple exercise sectors such as plyometric movements to bodyweight exercises to even simply walking, wearing weighted vests can spice up most training programs.

8. While they are definitely for the intense gym freaks among us, weight vests can, in fact, make you stronger and faster when used correctly.

9. One of the best weighted vests for men is super-beneficial for power athletes or Olympic lifters, especially for squat jumps or box jumps to build strength and explosive power.

10. The types of weight used, and the length, frequency, type of training done in the vest conclusively decides if it is appropriate for a particular athlete.


There is mixed research regarding if weighted vests actually improve conditioning or performance in the long run. However, it is certainly known to improve VO2max, speed, and time to exhaustion. Nothing will pound your heart rate quicker than wearing a weighted vest and climbing on a treadmill or stair master. Men’s weight training vests load weight directly to your shoulders and upper body, meaning they’re especially taxing for your respiratory muscle. The increased heart rate burns your calories improving your metabolism. Hence vest is the most efficient way to perform loaded movements as the weight is divided equally on your upper body.

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