Franchise and Grow: The Next Step for Your Venture

by Sudarsan

The scope for businesses is going higher day by day. Many young business-oriented minds recognize a value in Franchising. Australians have always been a level ahead in launching and establishing great ideologies in the market. Franchising opportunities in Australia has always been welcoming. 

Franchising involves Franchisors and Franchisees wherein franchisors are the establishment owner who wants to broaden or expand their business. So the franchisors sell their brand name, products to the franchisees by providing them with a license of permission. It is more like a joint partnership deal between the franchisor and the franchisee. The franchisee pays a custom fee or a specific profit percentage to the franchisors every month in return. 

Franchising is an advantage to both the franchisors and franchisees. Starting and running a new branch or even launching a new business and withstanding in the market involves many more investments and strategies. Franchisors can have as many franchisees as they want, distributed in varied locations to reach out to people. Franchising opportunities in Australia pave the way for emerging ambitious youngsters in the city.

Types of Franchising

 This approach is standing tall in the market currently. Franchises were initially started by the Food and Hospitality Industries in the 1920s and 1930s. These are also further classified into types as follows,

  • Product format
  • Business format
  • Manufacturing format

Product Format Franchising

This format focuses mainly on single operators. It means products or services offered by any individual in a specific field. It is best suited for intangible products (services offered). It helps reach as many people as possible and financially develop under a brand name or trademark. It also provides the franchisees with the equipment, tools required for the proper functioning of a business.

Business Format Franchising

It is the most prevalent franchising format in the decade. These involve providing a license to run the franchisor’s business with the brand name. Stocks are supplied, training for employees, practical assistance is provided by the parent company. It is like expanding the business of the franchisor in the market. The franchisees have to pay the royalty price, or a percentage from the profit has to be paid to the franchisor monthly. It is merely like renting or leasing the brand to another person. The franchisees can decide on the period of the contract. Numerous fast-food restaurants follow this kind of franchise format.

Manufacturing Format Franchising

In this format, the franchisors allow the franchisees to manufacture commodities under their brand name. It is primarily employed in the food and beverage industries. In the case of beverage production, the parent company will provide the formulated syrup, and the work of the franchisee’s employers is to dilute it and pack them accordingly. The employees are all trained by the franchisors to manufacture stocks without any variations. 


Surviving in this competitive business field isn’t a cakewalk. For entrepreneurs, franchises are the best options than startups. Developing a newly assembled idea and carrying it out successfully needs higher investment rates. Franchising a well-known brand improves the reach instantly. The brand also inherits the trust, quality of the product earned from the customers to the franchisees. According to statistics, franchises have a considerable success range. It is safe and reliable to select a franchise business.

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