11 Tips for Decorating Your Home With Farmhouse Charm

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Looking to add some farmhouse charm into your home?

The farmhouse style is one of the most popular and classic interior design trends of all time. This trend dates back centuries and persists into the age of contemporary design. Rustic charm can make your house look more homely and inviting.

If you’re not a fan of sharp lines and modern design, then a cottage farmhouse charm is perfect for you. Not sure how to incorporate farmhouse elements into your home? We’ve got you covered.

This article covers 11 great ways to add a touch of farmhouse charm to your home. Read on to discover more!

1. Use Practical Designs

Farmhouse design was the king of practicality in interior design. Original farmhouses had design elements that were handy and practical for everyday life. Nowadays, people put more thought into their farmhouse design.

However, practicality remains a critical and primary factor of farmhouse charm decor. Using a farmhouse design can also be better for your budget. Farmhouses back in the day got their furniture from flea markets.

Farmhouses rarely have matching furniture. A majority of homeowners got their furniture from various stores. This allows you to mix and match your favorite pieces.

However, be careful not to overdo it. Adding too many farm elements into one room can make it look forced or corny.

When buying new furniture, don’t rush and choose pieces that work with your current design. You may even add in some contemporary pieces if you choose, like some charming farmhouse candles.

2. How to Decorate Bedrooms

Adding rustic charm to bedrooms may require a different strategy than other rooms. To create a cozy farmhouse-style bedroom, start by decorating the walls. A simple way to do this is with floral or filigree wallpaper.

Next, add layers to your bed. A curated and cohesive layered look can take some effort to accomplish. However, with some practice, you can create a cozy farmhouse-style bedroom.

To set the foundation, choose a solid color quilt. We recommend choosing a white quilt so you can layer patterns with the seasons. Add a duvet or quilt under for a pop of color.

Add pillows of varying sizes and choose unique patterns for throw pillows. Add some texture with a knitted throw blanket.
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Add a bench at the foot of your bed to complete the look.

Because farmhouse charm prioritizes practicality, find a proper use for your bench. You may use it to place your bag or shoes on after a long day. Some benches have a bottom shelf for shoes.

3. Use Barn Boards

Add some personality to your home with barn boards or reclaimed wood. This adds a more authentic farmhouse charm and character to your home. You can use this on your floors, shelving, and walls.

You don’t need to purchase expensive barn boards to add them to your home. You can find raw wood and alter it to make it a unique and antique statement piece. Use a hammer and nail to distress the wood to make it look weathered from the years.

Add some character to it with a dark wood stain. Paint this over the wood to get that appealing barn board look.

4. Light Your Home With Lanterns

Lighting is a crucial factor in interior design. Lighting can influence the mood and tone of a room. If you want to capture that cottage charm farmhouse style, don’t neglect your lighting options.

There’s no wrong way to use lanterns in interior decorating. If you’re going for a farmhouse look, lanterns will tie your home together. While it can be difficult to find a lantern to light a whole room, it’s not hard to find accent lights.

You can place lanterns on the front porch or the foyer. You may also add them to the kitchen or along the hallways. Table lamp shades are another great addition, perfect for a reading session.

5. Sliding Doors

Add a twist to the classic farmhouse design by adding sliding barn doors. Sliding barn doors are much easier to install and are more fun to use. This is also a great way to avoid banging your door into walls and furniture.

If you live in a more compact home, you’re sure to get a kick out of sliding doors. This is ideal for smaller spaces, wardrobes, and cupboards. The ease of use can be handy when moving large furniture.

There are plenty of sliding door designs on the market. Whether you’re going for a classic farmhouse look or a modern and classy vibe, you can find the perfect door.

6. Neutral Palettes

If you’re not a big fan of patterned wallpaper, choose a neutral palette to work with. Farmhouses have their cozy appeal and elegance, thanks to a neutral paint palette. Light colors like white and cream are also easier to pair with patterned furniture.

However, sticking to white can feel boring and stagnant. You don’t have to throw away the neutral palette to add farmhouse charm. Instead of white or cream, choose colors with subtle undertones.

Blue and gray are common choices in interior design. If you’re looking for something more unique, look for a soft pastel palette. Mint green and lavender are great alternatives to the classic cream color.

7. Mix Metals

Add a touch of rustic charm to your interior decorating by mixing metals and wood. Metal and wood is an easy way to incorporate farmhouse vibes into your home. Dark-stained barn boards pair well with industrial pipes.

Dark metals can give the classic farmhouse look some edge. Add a glassy coat to your kitchen counters. You may also add tin tiles to go with your microwave and oven.

Consider a white bowl sink for your bathroom design. Gold-coated pipes can go well with an ivory bathroom sink.

8. Add Seating the Porch

If you have a porch, extend your decorating to complete the farmhouse look. This is a great design element that can add more spice to your evenings. If you’re looking for the classic farmhouse charm decor, add a rocking chair or two.

If you have more room, consider installing a porch swing. This is a great addition if you have kids in the family. A hanging bench can even increase your home value.

9. Add Greenery

Adding potted plants can make your home feel more substantial and homely. Plants can accent a neutral space or even serve as the focal point of your room.

Indoor plants are an easy way to add a classic and organic charm to your farmhouse-style home.
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Lavender is a great plant to add in the kitchen or place next to your bed. Various ivies can add more life and movement to a room.

Another indoor plant favorite are ferns. You can add various ferns to your home, depending on what look you’re going for. If you want spikey ferns, go for the Boston fern.

The crocodile fern is perfect for windowsills and coffee tables. They have a smooth and elegant silhouette. The fiddle leaf fig is a substantial plant if you’re looking for more of a focal piece.

If you often get mosquitoes, consider getting a lemon tree. A lemon tree plant offers a dainty silhouette and keeps your home smelling fresh. If you want a more compact and low-maintenance plant, you can’t go wrong with succulents.

10. Vintage Furniture

Choosing furniture is one of the most exciting parts of interior decorating. As mentioned prior, you can mix and match items you found from the antique store or flea market.

Farmhouse furniture retains practicality, often in form and function. Farmhouse furniture often comes on a larger scale to accommodate residents and visitors. Look into getting a big couch which large cushions.

Slipcovers are also popular elements in farmhouse interior decorating. This gives a more relaxed feeling to your home. It also helps you prevent dirt and pet hair from getting on your upholstery.

Open shelves promote the easy living philosophy or farmhouse style. This ensures that everything you need is within easy access. You can incorporate this in your living room or kitchen.

11. Accents and Other Details

Simple accents like straw, rattan, and wicker can go a long way. A rattan chair on the porch or wicker baskets in the kitchen or bedroom can tie the whole look together. You may also cover your glass pots with straw baskets for your plants.

Another defining feature of a farmhouse design is the exposed beams. Exposed beams help us recall the era of hand tools and craftsmanship. You can add a beam to cover inconsistencies and imperfections in your ceiling.

If you don’t have a dining table yet, consider getting a harvest table. You can paint the legs black to add a modern and more refined look. Tie everything together with a pair of charming farmhouse candles as a centerpiece.

Adding Farmhouse Charm to Your Interior Design

If you’ve fallen in love with the farmhouse style, these decorating tips can help you achieve the look. Choosing the right furniture and accents will complete the farmhouse charm. Use these tips as a guide when redecorating your home.

Not sure if farmhouse design is the style for you? Looking for more interior decorating tips?

Check out our other blog posts for more guides on turning your house into the perfect home.

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