Why You Should Not Attempt a DIY Electrical Work

by Sudarsan

Strathfield is a suburb in the Inner West region in Sydney. The residential landscape of Strathfield is varied, that you can see both high rise apartments and country-style estates. Over the years, the dwellings are constructed in Californian Bungalow, Federation, Victorian, Interwar period architecture, and many other architectural styles. The suburb also boasts multimillion-dollar modern mansions.

Regardless of the type of residential structure, all homes need electricity as part of having a good quality of life. But not all homeowners understand how electricity and electrical wiring work. For this reason, it is crucial to use the services of an electrician in Strathfield. If you have been residing in your house for some time now, your electrical system may require some repairs and upgrades. 

Here are typical electrical problems that you may experience in your home:

  • Warm surfaces

If the electrical systems, like switches, are warm to touch or give you a shock, the reason could be the circuit cannot cope with the electric demands in your property. 

  • Overloaded power board, wall socket, or electrical outlet

This is a dangerous condition that puts pressure on the electrical systems, forcing them to work beyond their capacity.

  • Lack of socket

Numerous homes still use too many electrical cords and hide them under rugs or run them along skirting boards. If this is the case in your home, you need additional sockets to make your place much safer. 

  • Problems with fuse boxes and circuit breakers

If you are dealing with tripping circuit breakers and blowing fuses, these systems could be drawing higher current than they can normally feed. There could also be an underlying problem to it. 

  • Old plug sockets

Two-prong sockets are considered outdated, and if you still have them in your home, then your electrical system is not grounded sufficiently. This could put your family in danger. 

  • Flickering lights

If you use certain appliances in your home and it causes the lights to flicker or get dimmer, you may need to add a dedicated circuit for those appliances. 

These are only some of the electrical problems that you better leave to the professionals. Even if you are tempted to do-it-yourself, electrical works can be complex and you do not want to risk the safety of your household. The following are good reasons why electricity is not a DIY job:


Repairing your electrical system can cause electrical shock. While often it is mild, a high voltage shock is dangerous that can be injurious or fatal. For example, ovens with a higher voltage level and working incorrectly with them can cause an electric shock.

Hidden threats

More likely than not, you do not know and understand the schematics of the electrical components in your home. If you disturb those hidden connections in your walls by working on your own, you may get a surprise electric shock. On the other hand, a professional electrician in Strathfield can avoid accidents by installing cables in safe places. 

Fire hazards

A DIY electrical work from an unqualified individual can result in exposed cabling or faulty wires. These can bring about short circuits and house fires. It is best to call a residential electrical company to look into your problems and avoid a fire catastrophe. 

More problems to occur and more money to shell out

If your DIY electrical work is a trial-and-error thing, you must talk yourself out of it as it could have a disastrous outcome. Usually, those quick electrical fixes only cause more costly issues down the road if you are not trained.

It is essential to call a professional residential electrician in Strathfield to perform all the necessary works with your electrical system. Attempting to DIY but lack the experience and understanding of the system can lead to situations that will end you up calling the specialists after all.

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