How to Get More Working Capital for Your Trucking Company

by Sudarsan

Running any type of business venture, including a trucking company, may prove to be a challenging feat. Apart from ensuring that schedules are optimized, you also need to be on top of the cash flow of your business. In this way, you are sure that you have ample working capital to continue your operations. This article lists down some of the ways in how you will be able to get more working capital for your trucking company.

Working Capital Loan

One of the first things that truckers consider when they need to increase their working capital is to get a loan from a reliable lender. Make sure to consider this option before you explore the available day cab or sleeper trucks for sale particularly if you intend to increase your working capital to expand your fleet. Just keep in mind that most lenders have specific requirements when it comes to the types of big rigs that you can acquire should you engage with them.
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Equipment Leasing

Another way to increase the working capital of your business is by leasing your equipment, particularly the big rigs on your fleet. In this case, what you need to do is to sell your trucks to a leasing company that will then lease the truck back to you for a lower monthly due than what you are currently paying for. The same leasing company can also help you acquire new trucks that can pave the way for you to reduce your maintenance and fuel costs. However, this is a viable option only if you are still paying for the amortization of your trucks.

Reduce your Expenses

You will have more working capital if you exert an extra effort to reduce your current costs. In this case, you need to take a closer look at your cash flow for you to be able to identify areas where you will be able to cut your overhead costs. If you can reduce your expenses, you will be able to steer your cash flow in a positive direction because you will have a greater margin for profit.

Some of the most viable ways to lower your expenses include exploring loyalty programs that can provide you with cashback options for your fuel costs. There are also those that provide significant discounts on maintenance expenses. The last thing that you can look into is your payroll, even if this is generally one of the biggest areas where your expenses lie. In this case, you can consider outsourcing some other functions of your business such as your accounting or HR operations to lower down your expenses.

There is also the option for you to carefully examine your accounts payable to think of ways on how you will be able to hold on to the money that you have for longer. In this case, you can negotiate payment terms and agree on a term that is more in line with the cash flow of your business.
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Nevertheless, you can also look into the advantages of paying your debts earlier than expected because in doing so, you may be eligible for a certain payment discount offer.

The Bottomline

There are several ways for you to get more working capital for your trucking company. Some of your options include taking out a loan or leasing your equipment. Otherwise, you can also take a closer look at your expenses to try to figure out ways how you will be able to save some funds which can be added to your working capital. All these are geared towards ensuring that you get sufficient working capital for your trucking company.

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