How Do I Prove Property Damage on an Insurance Claim?

by Sudarsan

If your home or business has suffered significant property damage, you need compensation that allows you to effectively and efficiently obtain all necessary repairs and replacements. Unfortunately, the insurance process can be daunting at best, but an experienced Panama City insurance claim liability lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you need – when you need it.

Why Proving Property Damage Is Necessary

If you’ve sustained serious property damage in your home or another property, receiving adequate compensation is critical, but you can’t be fully compensated if you don’t know or can’t prove the extent of the damages you’ve suffered. Proving exactly what you’ve lost can require all of the following:

  • Document all the structural damage you can find with extensive photographs and videos (taken with good lighting) that depict the damage from every angle. These pictures will help you establish exactly how extensive your property damage is, which is what your claim will hinge upon.
  • Take photos of your damaged appliances and fixtures and gather all evidence of their value (including receipts whenever possible) that you can.
  • Keeping an inventory of your possessions is always a good idea and having such an inventory can come in very handy for insurance claims. If you don’t have an inventory, go through your home and draft one – while documenting all the property damage you’ve suffered in the process.

The better able you are to demonstrate your losses, the more solid your claim will be.

Making Necessary Repairs

Although the claims process for property damage is regulated by strict timeframes, the process will, nevertheless, take some time. The most important first step after suffering property damage is to do what you can to prevent further damage from happening. Whether this means turning off the water and power, patching a gaping hole, boarding up broken windows, or doing anything else, it’s important to protect your property from additional, unnecessary damage. Save your receipts and document your work so that you can not only prove the effort you’ve put forth but can also seek reimbursement for the expenses from your insurance company.             

Moving Out Temporarily

If your home is seriously damaged, you may need to move out temporarily. In fact, if your home isn’t safe to live in, it is in you and your family’s best interest to get a motel room, rent an apartment or house, or move in with friends or family until you can get the necessary repairs made. Don’t attempt to save money by staying in your home if it’s unsafe to do so but do save all your receipts related to alternate housing for reimbursement via your insurance claim.

Seek the Guidance You Need from an Experienced Panama City Insurance Claim Liability Attorney Today

If you’ve suffered property damage in your home or business, the dedicated Panama City insurance claim liability attorneys at Ged Lawyers, LLP, are committed to helping you prove the full range of your damages and to skillfully advocating for the compensation you need to cover those damages. Your case is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 850-684-4000 for more information today.

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