How to Choose the Right Color Clip-In Hair Extensions?

by Alan Roody
Clip-In Hair

If you use extensions that don’t blend well with your natural hair, it may become evident where they begin and end. Clip in hair extensions come in a vast array of colors and shades to match every hair type and color. Choosing the right shade is essential as it can make your hair color look more natural.

According to Forbes, it is estimated that the average black consumer spends money mostly on hair extensions and hair care products compared to other customers in the world.

If you’re thinking about buying clip-in human hair extensions, here is a helpful guide on what color you need.

Blonde Clip-in Extensions

If you have light blonde hair, look for the extension color closest to your natural shade without being too dark. Blonde extensions can give a tremendous ashy tone to your hair.

You can also use them as highlights if you put them in front of your lighter locks. It is also possible to dye blonde clip-in extensions. It will be best if you can test out the color on a stock before dying it yourself, though.

It is best suited for anyone with fair skin and eyes and dark-haired people who want to go blonde. It is not recommended for easily damaged hair, as it may become dry after coloring or bleaching.

Light Brown Clip-In Extensions  

You must look for clip in hair extensions colors that are two shades lighter than your hair.

It should be the same tone as the hair on top of your head, so it looks blended and natural. If you want to go one shade lighter, it will look best to highlight your hair before adding the extensions.

It suits anyone with strawberry blonde or light brown hair. You should not choose this color if you’re planning on using black powder to fill out your roots soon, as it will turn red when in contact with water.

Light brown is also recommended for people who want to go lighter but don’t want the hassle of bleaching out their locks.

Choose the Right Shade of Brown for Your Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Like blonde hair extensions, you have more leeway with brown because several shades match people with naturally dark hair.

You must look for one shade lighter than your natural color without going too light. If you are thinking about dying extensions yourself at home, make sure to test out the color first by placing a small strand of your hair before coloring or bleaching them.

It should suit people with brown hair. The clip-in extension is also recommended for people who want to go darker without bleaching out their locks and those who want to add highlights and lowlights before putting on the extensions.

Chocolate Brown Clip-In Extensions

Your natural color should be two shades lighter than your desired shade of brown (for example, if you’re a light brown and you want chocolate brown, it will look best if your natural hair is four shades lighter).

It works well for people with brown or black hair and women who want to add highlights and lowlights. Hair that’s two shades lighter than your desired shade is recommended as it will blend better with darker locks (brown goes great with black).

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