Tips On How To Shop For The Best Aviators

by Sudarsan

Want to create a style statement this summer among friends and colleagues? Nothing can help you achieve it if not a pair of aviator sunglasses. This classic sunglass style will never go old.
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The teardrop-shaped large sunglasses are gender-neutral and provide you with ultimate protection from the sun. With so many options to choose from, you can often feel confused; however, knowing how to shop for the best aviators using these tips will help you a great deal.

We will discuss here the different materials that are available and which one will be suitable for individuals who have different lifestyles and personalities. You will also get to learn about the different lens types and which provides the best sun protection. Read below to know more.

The Different Aviator Styles

  • Classic Teardrop: This is the classic choice, and if you favor the rich heritage of these glasses, then this is something you must try. In terms of function, teardrop offers maximum coverage from the sunrays; however, having a longer face, teardrop shade might not be the best option for you.
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    Teardrop aviators make long faces look droopier and even longer.
  • Navigator: This is mostly a squared-off version of aviator glasses and a bit different than the classic choice. The navigator-shaped aviator sunglasses are ideal for individuals with long faces.
  • Sporty: If you prefer having a dynamic lifestyle that includes running, sports, and biking, then these sporty aviator shades would look great on you and will go best with your adventurous personality. These sunglasses come with a squared-off bottom; however, they are wider and keep the sun out. Although, they will not be similar to the classic teardrop aviators’ look wise.

The Different Sunglass Materials

  • Metal: Most of the classic teardrop aviators are made of metal frames and come with a silver or a brass finish. This would be interesting for you to know that aviator glasses from World War II, the original ones, were made of 12k gold. Interesting right? Well, if you do have the budget, you could get one customized for yourself too. Metal frame aviators are considerably heavy; however, they are bang on, last long, and look pretty cool.
  • Plastic: If you want something light but does not want to compromise on the classic look, then plastic frames are turning out to be quite popular. They are available in silhouettes of aviators but are light in weight; however, they are thicker than the classic design, providing you with more of a sporty look.
  • Mixed Material: In this kind of frame, you would get a mixture of both plastic and metal. The metal provides you with a classic aviator look while incorporating plastic gives off a sporty vibe. This aviator frame has been trending a lot lately.

The Color Of The Lens

  • Brown: The color of the lens not only influences your look, but the different tints would provide you protection from the sunlight differently. Brown lenses allow better saturation of color so that you can see better. Brown sunglasses are one of the most popular sunglasses styles in 2022, offering exceptional vision in the early morning and during late sunset when brightness is less. This is why brown lenses are a good option for individuals who tend to use their motorcycles or drive a lot.
  • Mirrored Lens: Mirrors lenses are known for absorbing as well as reflecting glare, hence, providing you with maximum protection from glare. However, the mirrored lens is pretty intense-looking and does not suit every face.
  • Dark Grey: This type of lens completely knocks out lights; therefore, you do not have to squint even on days when it is really bright. However, with this kind of lens, you will not get color detailing, unlike brown lenses.
  • Gradated Lenses: With this kind of lens, you get the best of both brown and grey lenses. The lens is darker at the top, providing sun protection while driving, and lighter at the bottom, helping with color details.
  • Green Lens: This is considered to be the color of original aviator glasses. This is sort of neutral as it does not saturate or darken things.

Wrapping up, buying aviator sunglasses for yourself would not be tough if you know the kind of frames and lenses that are available and what would suit your face type. Talk to a professional who will guide you through the process of selecting the right style for you.

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