Don’t Sleep In Party Pajamas From Sleeper In 2022!

by Sudarsan

For better or worse, this year we’ve spent so much more time at home in comfy clothes. As well as last year too. Nevertheless, it didn’t mean you couldn’t wear nice clothes at all. Moreover, the situation gave us more reasons to start paying attention to the comfort and practicality of our clothes. And as the situation is getting a bit easier, and the streets are coming back to life again, we shouldn’t neglect this important lesson. So, maybe now will be a good time to introduce some nice and fashionable loungewear into your closet.

No one could disagree with the fact that pajamas and pajama-like suits are one of the most comfortable garments in existence. If they weren’t we couldn’t be sleeping in it so peacefully. Well, thanks to the flexibility of the modern styling scene, the clothing of such comfort level were successfully brought into the perception of fashion. Some brands became the pioneers of this style-remodeling process by introducing not only comfortable but also extremely elegant designs. Party Pajamas from Sleeper, for example, exceeded any expectations one might have had about the new niche of luxurious not-so-sleepwear. This Ukrainian brand was the first one to bring a sense of practicality to fashion clothes. As time went by, such ideas spread among other designers and fashion labels as well. Now we have a whole new segment of stylish clothes that have the comfort level of nightwear, and the elegance of a party gown. And among all of the brands represented in this relevantly new sphere, Sleeper is undoubtedly leading.

Live Your Princess Bubblegum Dream with These Pink PJs with Feathers

Wearing nice loungewear is one of the ways that you can dress up even if you are not planning on leaving your home. And if you end up having some plans for the night, an elegant pajama suit will leave you without any need to change at all. And that’s what Sleeper pajamas are all about – an opportunity of having a great outfit both for lounging in the comfort of your home and having a fun night out. Who wouldn’t like to have the option of looking effortlessly stunning by just throwing on the right pajama set, right?

This concept became widely liked by numerous modern fashionistas. So celebrities, designers, and stylists around the world started to embrace this idea in their lives too. Some of the Sleeper’s creations, like blue and pink PJs with feathers, were even featured in the popular TV show “Emily in Paris” and the spin-off of the iconic “Sex and the City” series – “And Just Like That”. You will become obsessed with its set, as it has everything a great pajama set should have:

  • nice color shades;
  • vintage-inspired design;
  • thoughtful details;
  • and removable feathers for easier cleaning.

No wonder this line of Sleeper’s party clothes became one of the most-loved among the brand’s customers. Tasteful, minimalistic, yet chic, this kind of clothes is everything your wardrobe needs. Not to mention that you can mix and match every part of the loungewear set with your day-to-day clothes. Combine the button-up shirt with jeans or classy trousers, and, boom, you have a nice office outfit. Wear the feathery pants with a crop top or a big T-shirt and you are ready to go on a summer coffee date. This loungewear can be incorporated into any occasion.

Moving from Pajamas to Dresses

Party Pajamas are great, but some of us might prefer dresses over pants. And that’s not the problem at all. Even though finding a comfortable dress might seem like a tough task, with Sleeper it couldn’t be easier! Like many designs from this fashion niche, the linen loungewear gowns will become the greatest options to wear for a weekend movie night with a bottle of champagne or to someone’s birthday party. 

There are a great variety of perfect summer dresses out there, however, in our humble opinion, not all of them are as mesmerizing as the Sleeper ones. The Atlanta dress, for example, can rightfully be named the definition of a perfect summer dress. Its billowing sleeves and shirred bodice allow the utmost feminine figure. And the adjustable neckline allows you to design the sleeves to your liking. As the oversized designs gained popularity, Sleeper too introduced a free-fit button-up loungewear dress. You can buy this one-size design for yourself, or present it to your loved ones without the fear of buying the wrong size. As you can see, pink PJs with feathers are not the only sensational outfit in the Sleeper’s assortment. This brand is one of those that can surprise you with the versatility of available options.

Loungewear – a Fashion Trend That Will Keep on Living

With many trends of modern fashion, there is this fear of the quick coming-out-of-style. However, comfort and practicality are here to stay. That’s why you should consider adding some of the multifunctional loungewear outfits to your wardrobe. And Sleeper is a perfect brand to start with. It’s clear that the appreciation of not-so-sleepwear stems from its simple, yet elegant looks and this Ukrainian brand offers exactly that. Besides, Sleeper designs, even though some of the pajamas are vintage-inspired, are very modernized, and even have teen-like vibes. The brand’s clothes are also distinguished by especially tender and varied hues. Practically anyone can find something to their liking with Sleeper. Not to mention that the brand offers a lot of different garments: from dresses to pajama sets to shoes and bags. And, on a side note, with this kind of outfit, there is always a chance to show your own creativity in styling clothes. Sleeper’s outfits allow for self-love and self-expression. You can create your unique looks or just go with the Sleeper’s styling flow – the decision is always yours. And that’s why Sleeper became one of such appreciated fashionable loungewear labels out there.

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