Photo Editing for Beginners: 4 Tips and Tricks

by Sudarsan

Is photography becoming your favorite hobby? You might not realize that your new hobby is a very useful skill that can boost your social media performance and land you more jobs.

When you’re diving into photography, it’s useful to hone your skills behind the camera, first. Getting to know your own aesthetic eye can help you to take photos that you’re drawn to and proud of.

Next, it’s time to get into photo editing for beginners.
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What can you do after snapping a photo to enhance it?

Read on for four helpful tips and tricks for beginner photo editors.

Straighten and Crop

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your subject is well-framed. That means straightening your photo and cropping it to remove any excess composition that isn’t contributing to the success of the image. You may even want to give this background eraser a shot to get rid of elements that you can’t crop out.

Adjust the Brightness

One basic photo editing tip is to adjust the brightness so that your photo has the right exposure. For example, if your camera couldn’t capture enough light when you took the photo, you can increase the brightness so that your subject is easier to see. If your photo looks over-exposed and the brightness is detracting from the final product, lower the brightness and bring out those moody shadows.

Create More (or Less) Contrast

Adjusting the brightness is going to change the perceived light exposure evenly across the entire image. If you want to adjust the intensity of shadows, highlights, or color contrast, you’re going to want to use different tools. Increasing the contrast in your photo will make it look sharper and more defined while decreasing the contrast can give it a sort of dreamy or vintage effect.

Avoid Over-Editing

As a beginner photo editor, there’s a trap you want to avoid falling into that many do and that’s over-editing your photos. A common example of this is applying too much saturation, which can leave your photo looking like an illustration or digital rendering, rather than a photo of real subjects.

Each time you apply an edit, ask yourself if it is enhancing your subject and improving your composition. If the answer is no, remove the edit and try something else. The best part about learning how to edit photos is that you have plenty of space for trial and error.

Photo Editing for Beginners Is Rewarding

Photography makes a great hobby that can also become a very useful skill. Photo editing for beginners is exciting and accessible now that most phones, tablets, and computers come with free and versatile photo editing options. Try these tips to get started on the right foot.

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