What’s More Profitable, Selling Glasses Retail or Wholesale?

by Sudarsan

When you head to nearby store a buy set of sunglasses. The chances are you will be purchasing a pair of glasses originally sold in bulk by a wholesaler. Except in the cases of big brand designer sunglasses, which typically have specialized outlets, the retail outlet in question will stock a variety of sunglasses sold in assorted batches. This is a solid marketing model for independent outlets because it provides affordable sunglasses, in a wide variety, which is an excellent product for encouraging impulse buys or purchases in a moment of need.

Such is the model by which top wholesalers make a profit. Selling in bulk allows many units to be sold.
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Profits for the retailers come from the profit made between placing a bulk order and then selling each unit individually. This raises a question that might be of interest to anyone wishing to add to their stock and business revenue by selling sunglasses – who actually makes a greater profit?

To answer this question, the specifics of the given business operations in question need to be known. In other words, there isn’t really a straight answer that can be effectively given here. Nevertheless, an analysis of the factors involved can be useful.
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Quality of Wholesale Glasses

But before tackling this question, it is worth setting out why – for both retailers and wholesalers – sunglasses have proven such a popular product to sell. As mentioned, the primary reason for this is that these sunglasses are inexpensive, both to manufacture, wholesale, and to sell in a store. However, this alone would not be enough. Retail outlets are full of cheap “impulse buy” products which are typically low quality as well as inexpensive and which are only modestly successful if it at all.

The reason why sunglasses are different is that providing you purchase from a quality wholesaler such as Olympic Eyewear, the products may be inexpensive, but they are far from low-quality. As it happens, inexpensive sunglasses are extremely popular, and this is because they work. What makes a pair of sunglasses expensive is rarely their quality. Instead, it is the prestige of the brand or celebrity endorsements that make them desirable objects. That they actually are desirable is in no doubt, but not because of functionality.

Typically composed of durable and lightweight plastic, offering perfect UV protection, and coming in a very wide range of styles, wholesale sunglasses are quality products that attract buyers either looking for style or a practical solution to problems such as the sun’s glare when driving or eye protection on sunny days. Typically mounted on racks invisible parts of physical store outlets, bulk-supplied sunglasses tend to sell well.
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Which is More Profitable?

And so, considering that the quality and popularity of sunglasses makes them a winning product for both wholesalers and retailers to invest in, we come again to the question of what is actually the more profitable venture, supplying sunglasses in bulk or selling sunglasses purchased in bulk?

As mentioned, it depends on the business. Sometimes the retailer will make significantly more profit on any given bulk order of sunglasses because they are selling them individually at retail price. However, even if retailers regularly manage to shift their sunglasses stock, they will be making less sales of each pair than the wholesaler who is potentially supplying a wide range of outlets. It depends on much but, ultimately, we might say that the trade in wholesale sunglasses is one of those symbiotic relationships in the business world which see a mutual advantage for the engaged parties. In other words, selling wholesale sunglasses is good business for all.

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