Occasions When You Can Give Your Customers A Gift Hamper

by Sudarsan

When you think about it, your current customers are the most important asset in your business. Without them, you could have closed the shop a long time ago. It is therefore important to show that you appreciate your customers from time to time. One of the best ways to show your customers that you appreciate their business is by deciding to give them a gift hamper. Here are some occasions when you can give the gift of a hamper to your customers.

When Someone Sends a Referral

There are many ways that businesses can use to get new customers. However, most marketing methods, such as paid advertising, are usually costly, and results are not guaranteed. On the other hand, your customers can refer their friends to your business, resulting in additional sales. Referrals are known to be the most effective and trusted mode of marketing. Therefore, you must show your current customers that you appreciate them when they refer new customers to your business. Sending gifts to your clients who refer new business to you is a great way to thank them uniquely.

After Receiving a Great Customer Review

It is not common for customers to write positive reviews for businesses. Writing reviews take time and effort; thus, when your customers leave a review after doing business with you, it should not be taken for granted. Sending them a gift hamper will be a great way to show how much a positive review means to you.

When Re-establishing a Client Contact

In our busy world, losing touch with current clients is easy. Most business owners are usually heavily invested in finding new customers and forget their existing ones. You can send simple and personalized gifts to remind them that you still value them. A gift hampers to your old customers can be a great way to re-establish contact, resulting in them doing business with you.

During Holidays

Everybody loves a gift during the holiday season. Whether you are celebrating thanksgiving day or Christmas, this is an excellent time to remind your customers that you value them. You can send out gift cards or wearable items that will remind your customers about your business.
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Personal Moments

Personalized gift hampers go the extra mile to show your customers that you care about them. You can send your clients gift hampers during personal moments such as birthdays, weddings, or graduation parties to show them that you care in a special way. You can use your data on your clients from email subscriptions and by keeping tabs on their social media activities to determine their personal moments.

During Business Anniversaries

The anniversary of the first time you did business with a client is an important thing to remember. It gives you an opportunity to remember your first time or top clients. You can send them a gift hamper as a special thank you. Reminding your customers about such anniversaries can open a door for more business engagements from them.

Sending gift hampers does not only show that you value your clients but also acts as a branding and promotion technique. Sending gifts also helps to stand out from your competitors.
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