Installing Wall Cladding Made Easy: Tips From the Pros

by Sudarsan

Walls are something usually seen as boundaries, evil boundaries made to segregate people. And unfortunately, they are used for these purposes often, if not physically then symbolically. However, walls are also important to represent a stable structure, like a home. We started building walls for protection, to make our homes a place where we can rest and not worry about outside dangers. Walls can still have this meaning if we make them with the right spirit.

Wall cladding is a great way of making the walls more homey and enjoyable to look at. Besides aesthetics, they also serve a great practical role in supporting the whole structure of a home. There are many wonderful designs out there, and if you want to implement them you want to do that right. With these professional tips, installing your dream cladding will be pretty simple. Just follow along with these tips and you will make an outstanding cladding that will last.

Supporting The Structure

Installing wall cladding is not just gluing things to your wall, you need other supportive elements. You need to support the roof and z purlins are used to support roof sheets or vertical wall cladding. After installing purlins, make sure to check if they are correctly aligned. Always be precise and accurate when you are doing this because the smallest details have the biggest consequences on the whole structure.

Preparing The Wall

Before you start any cladding, you need to prepare the walls first. This means removing any dirt, grease, and dust if you want the structure to last. If you stick everything on a dirty wall, the structure will be connected to loose dirt. Simple wet cloth and soap usually do the trick to remove most of the dirt from your wall. If the wall is more dusty than dirty, it is better to broom it or vacuum it.

This is especially important if you have any spider webs, it is better to vacuum those up. While waiting for the wall to dry, you can clean up the cladding. A simple alcohol rub is usually the best option for cleaning the cladding before putting it up. Once everything is clean and dry, only then you can start with cladding. Be sure to be patient with this step if you want the cladding to last, rushing the process will only bring harm.

Be Accurate

Again, wall cladding is only good if you take your time with it. Make sure to have everything precisely measured before putting the cladding. Always check if everything is aligned properly unless you want to look at your mistakes every day. Measuring and being precise is much better than doing the job all over again. This is why it is important to have someone professional to help you with wall cladding.

Your Unique Wall

Every wall is unique and thus you need to take a closer look at it before putting up any cladding. Which adhesive you will use depends on both the cladding and your wall. Which cladding is the best, again, depends on your unique wall. You do not want to put up cladding if there is a moisture problem or mold manifestation. If the interior structure is rotting, wall cladding can result in the wall falling apart.

Some regions even demand government-regulated wall inspections to make sure it is safe.
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Even if it is not that strict, performing a cladding inspection is important if you can do it. This is to prevent fire hazards which unfortunately happen with poor cladding jobs. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially with fires that keep popping up in these times.
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It is also important to inspect cladding for other hazardous materials that can be released into the air.


Besides aesthetics, wall cladding can also be used for insulation. By using cladding that has insulative properties, you can easily get this done. You can also put up another layer of insulation and then the cladding. Which option you will take, again, depends on your unique wall and monetary situation. 

Installing insulation this way is very helpful to cut down heating costs that will rise next winter. Unfortunately, the princess will increase and it is better to be ready for this major change. Even if they do not increase, you will still save a lot of money in the long term when it comes to heating. Also, houses with great insulation go way better on the market than those with poor insulation.


Once your cladding is installed, that does not mark the end of it. You will need to maintain your wall cladding if you want it to last and look nice. Maintaining this is not hard, it is more or less the same as wall cleaning with some exceptions.
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Dusting them off and cleaning them with water and soap will still work.

However, you need to watch out not to use any harsh chemicals that can degrade both the cladding and the adhesive. This is why it is important to clean them regularly before everything stacks up making the job harder. If you do not do it regularly, the layers of dirt will stack and make it harder to clean with regular methods. These damages can result in other unwanted side effects, such as moist and mold accumulation inside the walls and cladding.

These tips were selected on the premise of making the job easier in the long term. Putting up wall cladding is one thing, but putting lasting wall cladding is another. These tips will make this much easier to avoid unnecessary hassles that can appear later in the future. By caring about these details right now, you will not have to think about them in the future. This is saving both your time and money and thus saving you from stress or even worse, danger.

Cladding that is not put up properly is more of a liability than an asset. By using these tips, you will avoid such liabilities that can ruin your home and its price of it. This is important because that is a wall’s main function, to keep everyone inside safe from the uncertainty of this world. No matter what you do, every action can have certain consequences in the future, even wall cladding.

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