Pave way for modern lighting with LED Track Lights

by Sudarsan

When you revitalize your home’s interior, you can change the overall mood of your home by introducing lighting that sets a new mood in your home. Use LED track lights to illuminate the surroundings of your space and add a modern touch to the interior lighting. 

Why we use Track Lights?

Track lights are fixtures suspended from the ceiling that from a series of directional lights. You can set aim the object and architecture at which you want to throw the light to create a dramatic effect at a specific angle. Here are the following tips to keep in mind before choosing a track light that is useful for the purpose of illuminating your space. 

1. Know the Track Type

The most basic type of track lighting system consists of straight lines, that is, standard track lighting and monorail track lighting. 

Single Track Lighting Fixture- The most basic and simple lighting system for supplying 120 volts of electricity. It uses the voltage of a line that supplies a standard amount of electricity that a household electrical circuit can handle. Also known as a linear track, it accommodates straight track strips of lengths of 2, 4, 6 and 8 feet. 

Installed directly on the ceiling or wall via bolts and screws, it comes with an adjustable light head and canopy, allowing you to move freely back and forth from anywhere on the truck. 

The Monorail Track- Monorail system operates on a small built-in transformer that converts current from 120 volts to 12 volts. So it uses less energy to help lengthen. Energy-efficient systems allow the use of a variety of appliances and a variety of light bulbs. The use of LED bulbs brightens the atmosphere and is recommended to be left on for a long time. 

Monorail Track Lights highlight the decorative aspects inspired by contemporary style. A piece of track lighting suspended from the ceiling is flexible, curved or rounded, and costs relatively more than a single track. 

2. Layout 

Now you need to figure out which layout or component is right for your interior composition? Once you’ve decided on the type and design of the perfect track light, do you need to focus on how to power the light? Depending on where the power is supplied, a canopy may be necessary if the power is supplied from a central or edge connector with a power supply. 

3. Selection of luminaires

There are mainly two types of luminaries used for track lighting. 

 a) Track Pendant- The track pendant is inherited from the cord, illuminating the desired area with ambient light. Surrounded by decorative awnings, it is suitable for worktop kitchen island, bar counter lighting.  b) Track Head– Sometimes it resembles a spotlight because it is angled to highlight certain areas inside the track head. It is suitable if you want to focus on seating arrangement or workstation. They are suitable for small rooms.

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