PDFBear: The Best PDF Reader Every Student Must Have

by Sudarsan

Now that schools implement online learning, PDF files have become the most commonly used document format. You have the freedom to decide whether to buy academic-related books or settle with its soft copies. Teachers create designated online submission bins for you to submit your requirements. That’s why printing PDF documents is not a necessity anymore. Instead of receiving exam papers, professors opt to provide files in PDF format where you can type your answers to his questions. They also placed your report card, assignments, and learning materials in a PDF document.

As a student, it would be a struggle if you won’t have a PDF reader that you can use to access multiple files needed to pass the semester. But this PDF reader must be the best on the web so that you can deliver your tasks conveniently and responsibly. Here is PDFBear to the rescue.

What is PDFBear?

As a student, you might find it frustrating when professors bombard you with PDF files every day. PDFBear can help you handle these documents easier and faster. Since you have so much on your plate already, it can save you a lot of your time. You no longer need to try several applications for trial and error just to determine the best PDF reader that is on the web.

PDFBear is an online tool that is used to provide anyone at any time with services related to PDF. Aside from its PDF Reader feature, you can also use it to merge, compress, delete pages, and convert your PDF files in seconds whenever you need it. It is highly functional, yet user-friendly. For quality, this tool will meet, or even exceed your expectations. When using PDFBear, you don’t have to worry because it does not alter the quality of the file.

How to preview PDF files through PDFBear?

If you want to preview your PDF file, go to PDFBear’s website and find the view and edit PDF tool. After clicking, several specific features will appear on your screen so you have to choose the one you are looking for. Here, the PDF Reader is the one you want to use. You can finish reading the instructions in less than a minute.
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There are only a few easy steps you have to follow. To start the process, you have to select and drag the PDF file to the PDF reader. This online tool allows not only you to preview the document, sharing and printing the file are also possible. You can download it for free if you want to have a copy of the PDF’s new version on your device.

What is a PDF file?

You might be wondering what PDF stands for. It is short for portable document format and commonly used type of file nowadays.

You can determine if your copy is a PDf file if the file name ends with “.pdf”.

Using files in this format assures you that the content of the file will not change when shared with anyone. The same formatting in your file will appear as it is on other people’s screens.
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This ensures easy-to-read files, unlike other formats that change the format of the texts, tables, charts, images, and other data.

Benefits of using PDFBear

To help you decide whether PDFBear is worthy to try, we have listed 5 benefits you can get out of using its services.

Free online tool

Who wouldn’t want to make their lives, as students, uncomplicated without having to spend a single penny? You might have thought of installing software or other applications to view your PDF files. This is to keep up with your school requirements. The amount of money in your pocket is the only thing that holds you back.

Don’t worry! There is no need to allot money for a functional PDF Reader anymore. One benefit of using PDFBear is that you get to access all of its features for editing and managing PDF files for free. However, if the time comes that you need to obtain more benefits and services, you can avail yourself of PDFBear’s pro version at an affordable price.

Simple online tool to view your PDF files

As mentioned earlier, you only have to follow the indicated instructions on the website. The entire process will last for a few seconds. You don’t need to analyze and compute.

Highly accessible for Everyone

Any device with an internet connection can use PDFBear. If you do not have a laptop, use your smartphone to view the learning document your professor sent. This online tool is compatible with any operating system. To increase your efficiency, use the one you are most familiar with.

Encrypted connection to secure your data

PDFBear uses SSL encryption to secure the files you share with other people on the internet. It prevents your name, address, and other sensitive information from falling into the hands of unauthorized persons.

The device’s storage space does not matter

Do you struggle in using online platforms because of full storage space? Well, PDFBear won’t let you experience that. Your gadget storage space will not hinder you from using the services it offers. The Cloud system made it possible.


Just like how the word life goes along with love, and the word relationship comes along with trust, your PDF file works side by side with a PDF Reader. It is the tool that can help you carry the struggles that come with online learning.

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