PDFBear: Easiest Tool to Use for Your PDF Conversion Needs

by Sudarsan

As you compare your life today with the one you had in the past, you will realize that much has changed. Nokia phones that used to dominate the market are no longer the leader in its industry. You now have apple products with a touch screen. If you think about it, you used to write all academic requirements instead of typing them on your iPad or iPhone. In this era of technological innovations, your life becomes convenient to live.

For sure, as a student in the 21st century, you know what file formats are. Some examples of these are Excel, PDF, Word, and PPT. These are not foreign words to you, but conversion might be. File conversion is the process of changing the file format of a specific file to cater to your needs. It is possible through PDFbear’s conversion tools. 

Why use PDFBear for your PDF conversion needs?

Nowadays, PDFBear has growing popularity because of its wide range of features. It is an online tool that you can always visit, provided that you have a device with a working browser. It made splitting, merging, and converting documents easier and faster. For instance, you can convert XLS to PDF and split documents into two PDF files in a matter of seconds. It reduces your waiting time. You might wonder what makes PDFBear special and why should you use it instead of other online tools. Below are the answers to these compelling questions.

No need to download any software

To use PDFBear, you don’t have to install any software on your device. It is a good thing. Not requiring any software means more storage space for other applications and documents. Since it is a website, it will not affect the performance of your device. So what are the things you must have to access the website? Well, you simply need to have an internet and know its webpage address. That’s it, nothing more.

Gives utmost attention to data privacy

In today’s society, there are increasing victims of data invasion identity theft. That is why it’s high time to consider using online tools that have a strong security system. PDFbear has SSL encryption to prevent hackers and malware from attacking your documents and device. Its security system is the same as what most banks use. This tells so much of how it gives importance to your confidential information. 

Offers multiple features

Once you explore the various opportunities offered by PDFBear, you would not look for any other online tools anymore. It has everything you need, from organizing your PDF documents to optimizing them. It is very rare for you to find something that offers high-quality features without making you pay a single centavo. 

Has a user-friendly interface

With this kind of interface, your productivity can increase because navigation around the website becomes easy. You know what and where to click so that you can find the feature you are looking for. This characteristic helps you to work with lesser search time.

Convert to PDF

In cases that you want to restrict people from making changes in your document, PDF format is the key. When you share it with others, they only have limited capacity to add information which includes names or addresses. The receiver of the file can’t input lengthy paragraphs or delete the information you originally placed in the document. Besides that, PDF has a feature that enables you to affix your signature on the file.

The process of converting Excel, Word, PPT, and HTML are the same. You only need to click the select files button to upload the file you want to convert. You may also drag and drop the file into the PDF converter. After this, the tool will convert the document into the respective format. Once the converted file becomes available, you can choose to download or modify it.

Convert from PDF to JPG

If you want the receiver of the file to view the document instantly, convert PDF into JPG. It turns your file into several images. Instead of downloading them for viewing purposes, the receiver will only wait for them to load completely.

To start the process, you must drag and drop the file you want to convert into JPG in the toolbox. The converter will take a few minutes only before it can give you high-quality JPG images.  

Convert from PDF to Excel

Wanting to convert a PDF to Excel may mean that you found some errors. You might want to make the necessary changes. It is common to happen if the content of the PDF is financial statements. For sure, you should not have any discrepancy with your report. So since PDf format will not let you edit the file even if you own it,  you have to bring it back to its original file format. In this case, Excel.

Upload the file on the website’s converter tool. Wait for a few seconds as it converts your PDF document into Excel spreadsheets. Download the file as soon as it becomes available because the converter will autodelete it after an hour.

Convert from PDF to PDF/A

You might want to consider changing the format of your documents to PDF/A if you worry about losing access to them in the long run. Among the various documents available for use, PDF/A is the only format that can preserve your file for almost a lifetime. The majority of business owners and researchers make their files in this format. 

You only have to upload the document on the converter tool and wait a few minutes for it to complete the scanning and converting process.

In a Nutshell

Today, there are various file formats you can use. Each of the file formats has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to determine first what will work best for your current needs. When you have difficulties handling these digital files, you can always turn to PDFBear to ask for help. With the use of this online tool, you no longer need to deal with your PDF-related problems alone.

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