5 Record-Breaking Watches of the Future You Should Know!

by Sudarsan

Going through the history and evolution of watches, we see that some wristwatches made in the 19th century are still functional and selling until today. With this, one can only wonder what the future of the wristwatch industry would be like. 

However, some brands are already showing signs that they will produce or become the next superior timepiece. Let’s see some of these watches and brands. As they hold great potential to produce tremendous watches for the future, while some have even started and are already gaining massive popularity, like the Rolex Explorer.

Rolex Watches

Rolex has maintained its value over its years of existence. It usually comes first during surveys of brand satisfaction and trust around the world. Its popularity makes up many of the reasons why people collect watches in the first place. Rolex produced an original tool watch, developing practical tools for diverse functional uses. These include the Submariner used by divers, the Milgauss used by engineers working in intense magnetic fields, and the GMT-Master used by pilots working across various time zones. It has something for just everyone and each field. They also epitomize the glamour of post-war adventures.

Rolex has evolved its designs with detail, upgrading details for better functions. Slight changes on the parts from different suppliers were incorporated into the production process. Whether its crown guards change or there are slight adjustments to the Rolex logo, these minor details can add up to its extremely rare value. The sheer popularity of Rolex has inflated the prices, to the point that many wearers search high and low for them.  

There is more to this disparity and even far more to the dynamics of collecting the watches than any intrinsic difference. This is because many of these watches were made using the same movements as their Rolex equivalents, with components such as dials and cases from the same sources. With these brands, there is more information available via books, dealers, and good support from the watchmakers themselves in terms of accessing the archives containing the information. 

With the increase in prices, more timers are coming onto the market. And what is notable is that the smaller size of these markets and the absence of the big sharks for these brands also makes for a better community feel, such as passion which is more important than profit.

Ressence Type 2 E-Crown Concept

For some that prioritize historical significance higher than brand identity or design, the most fertile ground is somewhere within the world of military watches. By definition, these watches are tagged tool watches, as likely to be produced by otherwise obscure makers as by established brands. 

Ressence is one of the most innovative watchmakers around today. When one combines them with the inventor of iPod, Tony Fadell, you have the e-Crown Concept. 

The movement inside their watches is purely mechanical, with the signature of Ressence in-display discs. The e-Crown itself though very important is a watch winder hidden inside the wristwatch, that takes its timing cues from your digital phone. 

Though traditionalist watchmakers can ignore it entirely, it is always there. This is mostly because there’s nothing in the watch signifying that there is a crown anywhere to add to its super-cool design. Nonetheless, this idea will be adopted into many productions eventually. But for now, it is just a nice concept.

Sidemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual Calendar

The swimsuit season has come to stay, at least if the raft of super-slim concepts are anything to go by. Audemars’ Royal Oak RD#2 has something that most thin watches don’t, which is a perpetual calendar. 

The Royal Oak is not the only subtle watch out there, with its concept of 6.3mm size, a standout for the brand, we have non-conforming timepiece traditionalists might not fancy. 

Different components have been put together and unified completely to create this piece, and fortunately, we might see some of these elements in the future timepieces of Royal Oaks. 

Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept

The Bulgari is constantly upgrading their world records. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that Piaget is going above the regular and beyond in their pursuit of the paper-thin concept. This concept took more than a little development, as five patents alone were filed. 

The watch and case are inseparably combined, and most of the components are made from a new cobalt alloy. The result is a tremendous and record-breaking timepiece – just 2mm thick. Try measuring that right now. It is ridiculous! It might not be in production, but it still maintains Piaget’s place as the king of thin.

Greubel Forsey Nano Foudroyante EWT

It is not surprising to see Greubel Forsey on any list of extreme watchmaking, but you are sure to get exhausted – seeing them try and warm-up themselves, again and again, not forgetting that at their level, they don’t have much competition. 

The Nano Foudroyante EWT follows in their usual tradition of having something tiny inside the watch – so tiny, it’s only visible through the magnifying crown. However, before now, it used to be static and an etching or a miniature sculpture. This is an actual complication, a tiny hand that rotates 360° every second. It looks small but a rather impressive technology in the watch industry.

The wristwatch industry is full of innovative creations. As more new people get familiarized with watchmaking, they tend to look for what is obtainable and follow the trend. Like smartphones brought about digital timepieces.

In Conclusion

From here, we have seen brands that are creating timers that will still be selling even in the next century, especially those that combine a tool element in their timers. When next you are getting your next timepiece, be sure to go for something similar to the ones above. Don’t know where to locate these timepieces? You can check out www.watchshopping.com right now! Aside from these unique wristwatches, its roster of timepieces will impress you. Whether you are looking for a modern wristwatch or a collector’s item, you can find them on this website! 

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