6 Things You Must Do To Objects with Sentimental Value for You

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

If you are having a hard time letting go of the things that are important to you, we know how it feels like. Yet, if it is not now functioning, perhaps you have some actions to do. Despite malfunctioning, wreckage, or other things that had affected the functionality, or even appearance, of your tools or objects, you might still want to treasure them not because of their purpose, but because of their sentimental value instead. 

Unfortunately, there are lots of things you might want to know in order to fully maximize its existence on Earth. What is surprising is that it could be another’s love one, too. Precious materials depend on the person at the end of the day. To fully give you the guide on how you should decide with the sentimental things that you don’t want to let go of, let this article change your mind!

Give it to a special someone as a souvenir

Lots of objects such as wristwatches or other pieces of jewelry might stay in our lives for a decade or more. What is good about this is that they are such lovely souvenirs that you might not expect them to be something as precious as a gift. Some types of wristwatches such as Nomos, Rolex, Rado, and the like could have a long span of life for their unwavering elegance that could serve as a souvenir even if it is not functioning anymore. Other pieces of jewelry such as a pendant or a necklace could be someone’s special bling-bling too. It is indeed heart-warming most especially when that someone values you the most.

Donate it to charitable organizations

If you have lots of clothes that are probably from your best friend, parents, or other relatives that you don’t want to let go of even though they do not fit your body anymore, a dilemma might come your way. Yet what is ideal here is that those special objects that you are not using anymore might be others’ treasure too. For instance, undersized shirts and pants could help lots of people from orphanages. Imagine how it could make them happy and satisfied. Aside from that, you are also making the objects more functional and valuable as it is. At the end of the day, we want to help people who need help.

Build a new business

A girl from the United States had once established a business of clothes that she had in her younger years. What makes this newly found enterprise interesting is that an unexpected phenomenon has happened. Her business became the threshold of her great boutique. Now she had built a lot of franchises of her business that all started with her first loved clothes. From dresses to skirts; from caps to leggings, she had truly made a good decision. Her earnings contribute to the expenses they have on their home, and now she is saving some of it for her dream house. Who could ever foresee that happening? Businesses are brilliant investments for our future, as they could support our basic and special needs when the time of adversaries happened. Who knows? You might be the next millionaire in your family or community.

Categorize your objects

Collecting things that are truly special for us could make a new sphere in our worlds. For some, this could be a great niche and for some, it could be another world of life. When you are not yet ready to let go of the special objects in your life, you might want to organize them according to their use, value, or even size and nature. Clothes that are quite old for us can be collected in a box for some old stuff. Likewise, other things like toys, nonfunctioning cameras, and even vintage, classic books could be categorized according to their type. When the time comes, we want to share our joy with others, this collection organization thing could help you to easily manage it. So, make this thing to avoid the hassle.

Restore its functions

Some motorcyclists in Mexico collect and avail spare parts of motorcycles. Their mission: to restore and reinvent their old, abandoned pre-loved vehicles. This idea has led to the establishment of their out-of-the-blue business that has both recreated their own motorcycles into exemplary, modern style vehicles and rebuilt a new structure of the enterprise, that no one could ever think that was just being restored. What makes this concept sustainable is that it attempts to recycle objects which is not just helping humans, but also the environment. Instead of keeping the valued objects in the basement, why not reuse them by restoring their functions?

Discover its artistic value

Aside from the sentimental value, it possesses, either from the memories of the people or events, no one could say how you must see it from your own perspective. If you really want to keep these objects, perhaps you want to rediscover their artistic landscape. Another definition of arts is its value that it carries when it is not functioning anymore as a former entity of technology. Once an object loses its primary purpose or it does not serve its function anymore, it could be now considered an art. Many artists create spectacular formations from its varying textures, shapes, and forms. What they perceive from these objects are those sentimental values that are turned into a wondrous creation, redefining its value into aesthetics. Some literary artists do this through fanzines and other types of mediums for aesthetics, expression, and representations.


Sentimental things or objects are truly challenging to let go of. What we think is that once we manipulate, donate, rebuild, or restore it, we also surrender its true essence. But memories are forever. It could also be possessed by objects yet, it could also have lived in hearts, minds, and even souls. If you are bothered, if you are truly ready to let the things that are not useful yet important to you, do not ever be pressured. Remember that we must be always ready before we bring things into action.

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