Hublot: A Luxury Brand Every Watch Enthusiast Must Have

by Sudarsan

As part of the working class,  you probably have a hectic schedule to follow daily. And the only thing that makes you keep up with your time is by using a wristwatch. It allows you to track the time as conveniently as possible. If you have the budget to remain stylish, then you might want to buy luxury brands of timepieces. But the market for these products is highly competitive. You have to choose from a pool of options and Hublot brand is one of them.

Hublot is among the market leaders in the watchmaking industry.  It is a designer brand that continuously provides unique fusion timepieces. Comfort, functionality, and style are some of the factors it gives ultimate importance to. Even watch enthusiasts consider it as a luxurious brand that not everyone can afford. Keep reading to know if Hublot is worth becoming a part of your watch collection.

Popular models of Hublot that you can buy

Big Bang

The design of the Hublot Big Bang watch collection revolved around the idea of the art of fusion. In 2005, the CEO tried to bring back the popularity of the company by combining bizarre materials. This collection originally had a round bezel with exposed screws and a rubber strap. The kind of strap used became the trademark of the company. The new design you can find in this collection is its contemporary and large chronograph.

A lot of unique timepieces are under the Big Bang collection. The company considers it as the most diverse that it ever manufactured. It has wristwatches that allow users to change their straps. So if your fashion sense is diverse, this type of watch can perfectly match any of your outfits. You only have to choose the most appropriate strap to use. This collection also has wristwatches with aesthetically pleasing movements.

Classic Fusion

Classic fusion is among the most affordable timepieces of Hublot. It has a classic design which means that it does not have extravagant designs. It appears to be less eye-catchy compared to other collections. Since its price point is not that high, it has smaller and less crowded dials. You can’t find chronograph complications under this collection. Despite the simple appearance of the Classic Fusion collection, a lot of consumers loved it. If you also prefer basic items, then go for this one. 

Spirit of Big Bang

If you are the type of person who wants a wristwatch that you can flex, then the spirit of the big bang collection is definitely for you. It has an extraordinary shape and unique color combination. It has exquisite materials that you will probably fall in love with. 

This collection, just like the Big Bang, can offer all types of wristwatches. It can meet the demand of every customer, no matter how diverse they are. For instance, you can find timepieces with traditional colors and designs. On the other hand, it can also cater to customers who want modern aesthetics. 

History of Hublot

The founder of Hublot was Carlo Crocco who sacrificed a lot to start his journey of manufacturing innovative timepieces. He left his long-time job at an Italian watch company owned by his uncle to start his own. His family had a rich tradition of manufacturing and designing watches. That is why it is not appalling that he had a great passion and dedication to make timepieces. 

The conceptualization of the brand

In 1976,  Carlo Crocco left the company of his uncle. A few years later, he flew to Geneva Switzerland to pursue his vision. He wanted to incorporate his innovative ideas in the development of his watch designs. 

The first watch manufactured by the company gave rise to its name Hublot which means porthole in French. Its design came from the porthole windows on a ship. Since Carlo Crocco wanted to provide people with durable timepieces, he made his debut watch collection sailing-friendly. Besides that, it was stylish enough that you can use it for formal events and recreational activities. 

The company invented the rubber strap

Since Carlo Crocco is committed to providing innovations in the watchmaking industry, he designed his watches using a rubber strap. It was quite a challenge because he had difficulty sourcing the materials. It even took him 3 years and over $1 million as the capital before he found the best rubber strap. This kind of watch made sure that the product offers high comfortability that can last a long time. Besides that, it did not have any rubber smell. 

He was able to manufacture innovative watch collections. However, these did not attract the attention of the majority of watch enthusiasts. Fortunately, members of royal families saw its potential. Since they were well-respected and well-known in society, Hublot became popular as the watch of the royalties. It ultimately led to the success of the company.

Proclamation of the New CEO saved Hublot

After releasing its first design, the company did not venture into mechanical movements and dial markers. It focused on its original design. However, in a competitive market, a business should not stay stagnant. It should always aim to produce new things for people to patronize. There was a great decline in its popularity as other companies began imitating its rubber strap watches. 

To save the company from losing the competition, Jean-Claude Biver became one of its CEOs. He became popular for his capability to revitalize the demand for certain products. Blancpain and Omega were some of the companies he handled before. As the CEO of Hublot, he led the way towards quintupled sales. He did it by implementing aggressive marketing strategies. Aside from that, he developed a new collection known as Big Bang. People loved the product which made it award-winning.

In a Nutshell

Luxury watches are great forms of investment. They have a rich history that includes years of innovation and transformation. Aside from that, these watches have a good reputation in the market. Both are true with Hublot. It can dominate the market because of its desire to provide functional and comfortable yet stylish timepieces. Any kind of Hublot timepiece is a great addition to your watch collection. 

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