The Cost of Installing An Electric Driveway Gate

by Sudarsan

As a homeowner looking forward to boosting the security of your home, you need to consider installing an electric driveway gate. This will allow you to open and close it each time you approach your gate without physically doing it. However, the installation cost is almost three times more than the manual gates. The high price is due to factors such as the size of the gate, the additional hardware, concrete, the electrical work and the post-installation cost. Sometimes due to budgeting people chose to simply have a profesisonnal persome some driveway gate repairs, which can also work as a temporary fix

Additionally, the electronics used, such as the voice sensors, remote control and keypad, add more cost since they use expensive materials and require a skilled technical installer. You will also need to factor in the cost to maintain and the additional cost to operate. This article will explore the cost of installing an electric driveway gate.

The Cost You Need to Consider

Many factors influence the cost of installing an electric driveway gate. Below are some of the things affecting the cost of installation.

The Material Used

The material you use is very crucial when determining how your want your gate to look like. Every material you choose has different prices for installation and operation. Some of the estimated costs for materials are:

A Steel gate costs between $600 and $1000

Wooden gate costs between $300 and $4000

Aluminium gate costs between $1000 and $4000

Wrought-iron gate costs between $600 and $4000

Vinyl gate costs between $200 and $4000

When choosing the material, you must research and consult the dealer and installer for the prices. Most people who decide on wooden gates go for the price and the fact they can be customized to look very classic. However, the can is prone to degeneration due to weather changes such as moisture. The wooden gates require constant maintenance and replacement after a certain period.

The wrought iron looks elegant and can be customized with different designs to look more elegant. However, maintaining it can be expensive, and you need to lubricate it regularly. When looking for materials’ durability, you can consider aluminium and steel. These materials require minimal upkeep and will serve you for a long time. However, they are more expensive than the rest of the materials. When looking for an affordable alternative, you can consider installing vinyl gates since they require minimum maintenance. However, you might need to replace them constantly if they get impacts that can cause damage.

When considering the best gate to install, it’s essential to know the needs of each material to understand what it will take to maintain it. Additionally, working with your budget is crucial to avoid straining the costs.

The Style of Electric Driveway Gate You Choose

There are different types of electric gate styles that you can choose from. Every style has n impact on the overall cost of installing your electric gate. Electric gates often come in two varieties: swinging and sliding.

For the singing gate, they will cost a different amount depending on the style.

For a single swing gate, it can cost an average of $500 and $3000

The Uphill swing gates cost an average of $2000 and $4000

A double swing gate costs an average of $1000 and $4000

The Optional Features You Need

You should include additional features when installing your electric gate. Some of these features are necessary and can be incorporated together depending on your budget. Some of the accessories include:

Keypads which cost between $100 and $ 500

Sensors cost an average of $300 and $2000

Intercom costing between $350 and $2000

Final Words

When installing an electric gate, it’s crucial to consider the overhead costs. Always work with your budget and consult to ensure you spend your money wisely. When looking for accessories, ensure you choose one that you will be comfortable with, and that is easy to use. Installing an electric gate is a huge investment, and you should ensure you hire a reputable gate installer to avoid extra expenses.

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