The Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Is Not Working

by Sudarsan

For the sake of your health and appetite, a working fridge is important.

So when it starts to act strange, revealing warm string cheese and/or rock-hard, icy fruit, it’s time to take action.

Understanding why your fridge isn’t working will help you plan your next move. Most times, that next move is calling a professional.

Nonetheless, there’s plenty you can do during this process, including unpacking the problem you’re trying to solve.

So keep reading to learn some reasons your refrigerator is not working. We’ll give you a few tips on how to check for damage, how to prevent damage, and when you’ll need a professional.

Vent Congestion

For proper circulation, your fridge needs working vents. So if something blocks your refrigerator’s internal and external vents, it can’t regulate your air temperature. That means that your fridge’s internal temperature is compromised, and it could be the reason why you’re refrigerator is not cooling.

A brief inspection might reveal the problem. Check to see whether you’re storing objects or food too close to the vents, blocking it. You can also inspect the vents for debris and spilled food to see if it’s congesting the vents.

Faulty Sensor

Not all refrigerator issues are from overheating. Sometimes, too cold of an internal temperature could indicate a broken refrigerator. If your refrigerator freezes any food inside of it, it’s too cold.

Your fridge should be between 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezer box should be 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. If all fridge settings are optimized against freezing and it’s still cold, call a professional such as Westinghouse Fridge Repairs to fix your refrigerator problems.

Damaged Control Boards

If your refrigerator has completely stopped cooling its contents, it’s most likely because of debris, dirt, and other substances caking the control boards. That or the control boards have been handled improperly. Repair major household appliances with Appliance Experts Florida and get your appliances working again.

Collecting too much dust isn’t good for your control boards. That could damage them, putting your fridge’s temperature out of your control. To understand your next step, open up the control boards and assess the damage.

Maybe your fridge will be revived after a good clean. But if the situation’s becoming too impossible to fix, contact someone qualified for repairing a refrigerator.

Broken Condenser Fan Motor

Condenser fan motors are necessary for cool air. They lead air over the condenser coils to cool them, which is exactly what cools the air that enters your fridge.

Lukewarm air is a good indication. If it isn’t working, there’s no point attempting a DIY repair, unless you’re a professional refrigerator technician yourself.

If Your Refrigerator is Not Working, Act Fast!

Mealtimes are opportunities for bonding, for relaxing, and for catching up. But with a faulty fridge, none of these activities will feel comfortable. Even the initial excitement of takeout will wear off once you realize you have nowhere to put your leftovers.

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